FBI will test the immunity waters.

With The FBI now in Iraq conducting an investigation into the killing of 17 Iraqi civilians by Blackwater employees, contractors might very well loose the immunity from prosecution that they heretofore enjoyed. It is hard to imagine them being able to hold on to it if the federal investigator’s finding show that Blackwater were not under any threat and were not being fired upon.

It will be a difficult task to be sure, investigating these killings. Not only has Blackwater employees brought the wrath of the Iraqi civilian population down upon themselves, but now the FBI agents will have to go amongst that population interviewing the survivors and witnesses and will no doubt face credibility problems themselves. Afterall, Iraqi citizens who witnessed their government calling for the expulsion of Blackwater, saw first hand their being allowed to continue operating “business as usual”.

Unfortunately, Mr. Erik Prince, Blackwater’s founder will not give much comfort to the surviving family members back in Baghdad. In his recent testimony before Congress,Mr. Prince stated; “We acted appropriately”. One would think that a little empathy would have gone a long way under the circumstances. Would it not have been better for him to have stated that they would do everything in their power to investigate the circumstances of the shooting and to pledge his support to the grieving families?

Had Mr. Prince showed a little compassion and desire to get to the bottom of the shooting, then he might have won more support here at home from Congress and back in Baghdad. As it is, Blackwater are now having to relieve the fatal shooting of an Iraqi bodyguard at a post inside the Green Zone. For those of you who are not aware, the “Green Zone” is a relatively safe haven area inside Baghdad that is heavily protected against subversive penetration.

Last Christmas, a Blackwater contractor was allegedly drunk when he drove past a friendly checkpoint inside the Green Zone. In his apparent drunkeness he is believed to have shot the Iraqi Minsiter’s bodyguard three times in the chest before fleeing to a camp run by another U.S. contractor; “Triple Canopy”. The bodyguard died in an American field hospital the following day.

It is believed that the State Department recommended that Blackwater pay $1,000,000.00 in compensation to the family of the slain bodyguard. Instead, Mr. Prince has confirmed that the family were given $20,000. The killer was fired and sent back to the U.S. two days later.

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