Female Bodyguards Get the Job Done.

Those who think that Bodyguarding is a job best left to men – think again.

The Dublin City Herald recently ran a story about Lisa Baldwin, from Dublin, who is a female Personal Protection/Close Protection Specialist based in the U.K. Ms. Baldwin is in high demand by Middle Eastern clients who wish to have their women and children protected by female agents.

That is exactly why SEXTON EXECUTIVE SECURITY(www.sextonsecurity.com)designed a Middle East E.P./C.P. course that will be held in the U.A.E. from the 11th of October through the 18th. The President, John Sexton summed it up as follows; “We saw the need for agents from all over the world to be able to train in the Middle East and to experience the culture,tradition and religion first hand”. “Middle Eastern clients are extremely important to our industry”, he added “and it behooves all agents involved in providing safety for these families to become conversant with every aspect of their lives in order to be able to offer the best protection possible”.

SEXTON will also have a group of female trainees attending their Executive Protection course in San Diego, California in December. Lisa Baldwin is described in the Herald as being “one of the world’s few female bodyguards”. Many women around the world now recognize that by undergoing professional training like Ms. Baldwin, they can be assigned to prestigious contracts and make a very lucrative living.

Ms. Baldwin’s petite stature does not prevent her from succeeding in a mostly male-dominated industry. “You realise you’re not in Iraq, you’re in London”, she advises. Very true. Smart protectors understand that the Art of Personal Protection is about using your mind and not your brawn. The differences between working in Iraq and London/New York/Dubai are like night and day.

Unfortunately, if the agent does not receive proper training, they may very well fail to realise the difference. There is one type of training needed for a Hostile environment such as Iraq or Afghanistan and a completely different one for the corporate/private sector. A security contractor coming fresh out of a hostile environment will often find it extremely difficult providing protection in a covert, “grey man” style.

Fortunately for them, Sexton Executive Security’s focus is on private clients and their E.P./C.P. corporate training program can help those returning form overseas contracts to make the transition smooth and profitable.

In the corporate/private family world, you don’t have heavy weaponry to rely upon but as Ms. Baldwin states; “Its all about the mind and prevention”. Like the old saying goes; “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

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