From warzones to strip clubs, the truth comes out for a former First Lady and a Pastor.

Last week in the Washington Post, “The Fact Checker” awarded former first lady, Hillary Clinton, four “Pinocchios” (real whoppers)for claiming to have come under sniper fire during a photo op. in Bosnia. On Thursday, Michael Dobbs once again awarded Senator Clinton another “poker” of Pinocchios.

This time she took heat for claiming that her trip to Bosnia was the first visit to a “war zone” by a first lady since World War II. Her claim is considered completly inaccurate, since Pat Nixon made a trip to Saigon in July 1969. At the time, South Vietnam was an actual, not a “potential” war zone in the aftermath of the 1968 Tet offensive.

The article also made mention of Barbara Bush’s visit to Saudi Arabia in 1990, two months before the Persian Gulf war began. Speaking about Senator Clinton’s claim that her aircraft made a tactical landing back in 1996, the pilot of the aircraft had a different memory. Retired Air Force Col. William Changose said that it was not true that they took evasive measures to avoid sniper fire. The Colonel went on to say that: “not only were there no bullets flying, there wasn’t even a bumblebee flying around”.

It seems that Senator Clinton is not the only one in the public eye to suffer from Pinocchioitis. Apparently the Police in Riverside, Ohio found a Pastor who had gone missing from his home in western New York, since Wednesday the 26th of March, after telling his wife that he was going to Best Buy to have his computer fixed. Officers found the Pastor at a strip club called the “K.C. Lounge”, partying like a New York Govenor.

We often hear people in the media complaining about the negative effects that Rap music has on our youth. One wonders why we are now not hearing more complaining about the so-called role models getting caught with their pants down, so to speak. At least with the likes of rappers and other “bad boy” entertainers, what you see, is what you get. It’s little wonder that so many people are comfortable telling lies during interviews and embellishing resumes in order to get hired and get ahead.

When I was going to school, the “dog ate my homework” excuse was used but not believed. Also, it tended to get used by children who had not yet reached their teens. I think that even children of that age these days will be able to see through these poorly constructed falsehoods that our “role models” would have us believe.


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