Gone but not Dead – Death Fakers

NZherald covers an interesting article by Frances Morton about those who disappear and fake thier own death.

Our special investigation unit often receives requests from clients to assist them in finding people, for one reason or another. Most time, the missing person owes a debt – money borrowed, property illegally sold/stolen, landlord dispute, employee theft/mismanagement,deadbeat dad, witness in a lawsuit, etc.

Other times though, the client is trying to find a missing loved one who ran away or just “disappeared”. As Frank Ahern advises in his book; “Ultimate Privacy: How to Diasappear, Erase Digital Footprints & Vanish Without a Trace”, most women “disappear” to avoid a dangerous situation, while men will fake their own death mostly to escape financial difficulties.

Today’s digital age makes it very diffuclt to disappear without a trace. Most people have become so used to paying by credit/debit cards, having mobile phones and communicating online through various social media sites, that they leave a huge footrpint.

Unless a person is extremely serious and dedicated about vanishing wthout a trace, investigators can locate people through trails they leave behind. Police won’t necessarily be looking for them if they haven’t committed a serious crime, but savvy investigators have access to special databases which can indicate where the person may be hiding.

The moral of the story; if you’re thinking of disappearing, don’t talk about it on Facebook and remember that cash is king.

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