Hire "bouncers" for your security needs if you don’t mind getting sued.

Any clients reading this should pay particular attention to the outcome of Katie Price’s recent marriage ceremony.

The Mirror reports that she splurged on her first wedding, but tried to save money on this one by ordering cut-price flowers. Apparently she had the same motive when she looked for security for the wedding by hiring a team of nightclub bouncers to protect her from the paparazzi’s cameras.

If you don’t mind getting sued, have damaging articles written about you and destroying an important event – then by all means, hire yourself a bunch of nightclub bouncers.

When you do though, do not feign subsequent surprise when they grab people by the throat, throw (“bounce”) them around and break cameras. Guys who are hired “by the pound”, will not neccessarily have the training nor experience to handle a situation in a professional manner as would a corporate Personal Protection Specialist.

When a situation goes bad, do not think that a plea of ignorance will go very far either. When someone decides to sue after being manhandled by an unprofessional security person, the plaintiff’s attorney will dig up everything they can regarding the professional qualifications of the person you hired.

If you “cut corners” and hired some big “bouncer”, chances are he will not be able to provide certificates of training he received in Executive Protection/Personal Protection/Close Protection. More than likely, the plaintiff’s legal team will hire someone like me who runs a professional, State Certified training school to tell them what all is involved in a professional training program.

If you find yourself in this situation and your lawyer tells you that the plaintiff has hired me to testify as an expert witness; do yourself a favor and settle out of court. It will be cheaper that way.

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