Holocaust Museum Shooting in Washington D.C.

Our condolences go out to the family of murdered Special Police Officer Jones who died in Monday’s attack at the Holocaust Museum.

More details of the incident are bound to be released when they become known. Even at this early stage though, there are conclusions being reached that might benefit from waiting to see what took place that fateful day.

As may be seen from the Huffington Post commentary, the suspect, Von Brunn, had been in trouble with the law before. In 1983, he was convicted and sentenced to 4 years for attempted armed kidnapping of members of the Federal Reserve Board.

Interestingly, it was a “guard” who folied that attempt when he became suspicious and discovered that Von Brunn was carrying a bag of weapons. That is why a recent statement from a Police spokesman seems a little strange at this time.

The statement that was carried by WTOP radio yesterday made mention that the private security personnel at the Museum should be replaced by Police Officers. The reason being, a patrolling Police Officer outside could have observed the suspect before he entered the museum.

Possibly, yes. It should also be considered however, that a Police Officer outside would not guarantee that this would not have happened. There are many reasons why a Police Officer might have not been watching at the exact moment that the 88 year old man walked in. For instance, a tourist seeking directions could have easily diverted the Officer’s attention.

I was delivering an Executive Protection seminar at the Police, Fire and Security Expo in Palm Beach last week. I used the infamous picture of President Reagan just seconds before he was shot as an example of why having Police Officers present are not a guarantee of success.

In the picture, two uniformed officers from the Metropolitan Police Department were standing within feet from where the assasin reached out with his gun and nearly killed the President. What were they doing? Looking to their right at the advancing President and completely ignoring the group to their left from where the would-be assasin struck.

Had they been doing their job properly, they would have been concentrating on the crowd in front of them, had their backs to the President and would have been in a position to grab the gunman’s arm (or shoot him) as soon as he identified his murderous intentions.

We will wait to see what the findings are from the fatal shooting at the museum. Hopefully, changes or improvements will be made, if necessary, so that a similar incident is not allowed to occur at any time in the future.

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