How to Survive a Plane Crash

Understandably, everyone is talking about the amazing Hudson River landing by United Airlines Pilot, Capt. Sullenberger. “The Huffington Post” describes steps to take to increase your odds of surviving a plane crash.

Some of these points I had heard before, such as sitting as close to an exit as possible. Those who are within 5 rows of an exit have the best chance of survival.

One very interesting statistic that I had not heard before, is that according to the U.S. Government, 95.7% of all people involved in an airline accident make it out alive. Those are great odds. Obviously, having Capt. Sullenberger as your Pilot increases your chances of survival that much more.

Another piece of information I found interesting is the fact that experts believe as many as 30% of airline accident deaths could be prevented if passengers knew what to do when a crash was imminent.

A good point to remember is that the first 3 minutes and the last 8 minutes of every flight are the most important. We have alwys heard that the most dangerous times during a flight are at take-off and landing.

Next time you are thinking of kicking off your shoes and putting on your ear phones to listen to your favorite music as the plane is preparing to take-off – STOP. Being fully aware of your surroundings and ready to respond to any emergency could very well save your life.

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  1. Jerry MacCauley says:

    Being aware of my surroundings on a flight comes natuarally to me. I can hardly ever get assigned to the exit rows (where the slightly more leg room is located)and I usually look to see who won the “Good Seat Lottery.” On my last flight I looked behind me, as the flight attendant advised, to locate the nearest exit. There sat a man who had to weigh in at at least 325 lbs. and was as wide as the aisle. The scenario I imagined was horrible! People trying desperately to push him through the opening while his body filled the void with an airtight seal. Good thing I actually read the safety card and could see the next closest exit was occupied by a thin woman who could easily be tossed through the hatch if she so much as hesitated one second.


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