If you go into the woods today……..

How many of you have ever gone to work only to be shot by a hunter claiming he thought you were a bear? Welcome to the world of Private Investigations.

I for one intend to use this real-life story everytime a client or lawyer raises their eyebrows when I tell them how much we charge. “I know it seems expensive….but sometimes we get shot….by people thinking we are bears”.

The shooter in this case has been arrested and held on $150,000.00 bail. It seems that the P.I. was working for an insurance company who suspected the shooter of committing insurance fraud. The P.I. didn’t even realize that he had been shot until he took off his back pack and found two bullet holes.

The “confused” shooter claims that he fired his rifle at something black that looked like a bear. The fact that he yelled at the investigator to get off his land a few minutes before and informed him that he was going to get his gun, will definitely not help his case.

Unless the bears are incredibly intelligent in Denver and it is usual practice to warn them first that you will “go get a gun”. I don’t think so.

The next time you have need to hire a P.I., remember what they may have to go through to get you the evidence. But don’t try to pay them with honey. Afterall, they are not bears, no matter what hunters in Denver may think.

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