The importance of getting to the airport in time

I know. This speaks for itself. It just might help somebody if it goes out as a reminder for everybody, but especially to those who may like to “cut it close” when checking in for a flight….

Thankfully, I practice what I preach and always aim to check-in for international flights three to four hours ahead. I don’t feel comfortable with less than two hours for a domestic flight.

Fortunately, I am now sitting relaxed in San Diego airport awaiting to board my flight for D.C. with plenty of time to spare. This might not have been the case though had I not left my hotel nearly four hours before my flight was scheduled to depart.

We just finished up a week of training new West Coast Executive Protection agents and I was returning one of the three rental vehicles we had used during the week. My vehicle was taken in and a receipt issued in around 15 minutes.

The problem arose when I attempted to make sure that all of the vehicles had been charged to the same credit card. One of the vehicles were “missing”. The young lady assured me that the car could not be located nor could the keys, despite the fact that one of my instructors had returned it a couple of hours earlier.

In turn, I assured her that there was no chance he had attempted to bring it with him. I watched shuttle buses come and go to the airport as the folks at Enterprise continued to assure me that the car had truely disappeared. Eat your heart out Chris Angel.

Eventually I just had to leave. The confused rep told me that he would call me in 15minutes when the car had been found (how did he know it wuld take 15 minutes?). Three hours later and he still has not called.

Good thing I had not been rushing to catch a flight.

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