India seeks outside help with Terrorists

This story from the Times of India regarding working with foreign security advisors was to be expected.

Many countries seek the assistance from outside companies who have more expertise in a certain field. We endorse India’s decision to get a grip on the situation to try and avoid trajedies like this in the future.

We ourselves have proposed to go over to India to teach our Executive Protection course to one of the largest security companies in India. It would seem that Executive Protection, especially for foreigners will be a growing industry with all of the problems that India faces.

Unfortunately, our offer was not accepted as the owner of this company believed he could not afford our professional training program. This is always a difficult concept for a security consultant to grasp – how people can view security as unaffordable. When it comes from a security business owner, it is all that much more perplexing.

However, it is not in our nature to give up easily. We will continue to keep negotiations open and hopefully one day soon we will be able to make an annoucement of a joint venture right here on The Bullet Proof Blog.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Once again, some bean counter actually places the cost of security over the value of human life. Had any of the those public buildings taken the security a little more serious, perhaps the toll would have been greatly reduced. Reports that have surfaced after the fact show a pattern of compacency that extends across the world. Being next door to a nuclear enemy that is in political and economic chaos apparently isn’t enough to raise the security levels.

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