Is Coffee The New Millenium Drug?

I dropped in to the local Starbucks yesterday on the way to my office to get my morning fix.

I overheard the young barrista telling another customer about how she has wicked headaches on her days off. Her explanation was that the headaches were withdrawl symptoms from not being exposed to the coffee at home like she is at work.

What I found amazing was that the barrista did not even drink coffee but because she was constantly breathing in coffee in the air (second-hand coffee grinds?)and handling it, the caffeine was able to get into her bloodstream.

What she said next completely caught me off-guard. She said that some people even use coffee soap. I figured it was because they must like the smell of coffee so much, but that was not the reason.

It seems that the really hard core caffeine addicts shower with coffee soap in the morning so that the caffeine will get into their open pores and enter the blood stream that much quicker. I thought I was a caffeine addict until I heard that. Now I seem normal.

Or am I? According to research conducted by Johns Hopkins, as little as one cup of coffee a day can produce caffeine addiction. Before you go thinking that such an august institution as Johns Hopkins would hardly spend much time on researching the habits of coffee drinkers – their study was based on 170 years of caffeine withdrawl research.

Is there any wonder there is so much road rage, school violence, workplace violence etc.? The next time that person cuts you off or acts a little crazy on the highway on the way into work, give them a wide berth. They might not have had time for their morning fix.

Maybe coffee soap is not such a bad idea afterall.

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