Job Vacancies in Somalia; 5 Pirates Wanted. Knowledge of Swimming a Bonus.

I can think of no better example of the old phrase; “Live by the sword, die by the sword”….or in this case; “live as a non-swimming pirate, die as a non-swimming pirate”.
Five of the eight pirates who who took over the Saudi oil tanker drowned with their ransom money after their speed boat capsized during their “get-away”.

Wouldn’t you think that one of the main job requirements for the position of “pirate” would be the ability to swim? O.K., so they have the grimmacing look down and obviously they know how to slither up the side of a vessel….but what about the escape plan guys?

Maybe they could have also checked the weather forecast? Afterall, you sit around for weeks on end negotiating the ransom and then when you finally reach a decision, you make them drop the money off during a storm? Who’s coaching these guys – Richard Simmons?

At least they had the sense to have the money dropped in a waterproof case. As an entrpreneur, I’m thinking right there is an opportunity for a local salvage operation, but I am sure they won’t think of it.

Another idea…maybe a Somali television station should come up with a reality show….”Somalia’s dumbest criminals” seems appropriate.

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