Keeping Your Edge and Not Letting Your Guard Down

SEXTON Team members provided coverage for a very unique asset at the D.C. Car Show.

Our client recently purchased “Barricade” – the Saleen Mustang specially built for the hit hollywood movie; “The Transformers”. The owner then graciously allowed it to be viewed at the D.C. auto show over the past two weeks.

The client knew every square inch of the vehicle and lovingly pointed out every piece that had Hollywood history attahced to it – such as the three small dents on the lower driver’s door where a stunt man on a bicycle ran into the car in one scene.

At the end of the evening on the last night, preparations were underway to remove the security tape and rope barriers so that the vehicle and others could be driven through the sallyport and out of the D.C. Covention Center.

In a couple of split seconds as “Barricade” was being readied for the drive, a Convention employee came over to the vehicle and sat down against the side of it. This annoyed the client, who had been buffing down the vehicle every day and making sure that nobody got close to it.

One of our Agents was within two to three feet of where the woman decided to sit, so he was able to encourage her to move without much delay. It was however, a good lesson to show that even when a detail may be “winding down”, Agents can’t afford to let their guard down.

Nor should Agents concentrate on trying to profile a threat. By keeping an open mind and open eyes, you will be better prepared for any thing that comes along, in any shape or form. Just because a person works at a facility (how about if they only “appear” to be working?), does not guarantee that they are legit.

Anyone who has ever conducted investigations in the workplace knows that employees often get hired without sufficent (or any) background checks having been performed. At the end of the day, it is the protective Agent who has the responsibility to make sure that a bad guy do not “slip through the cracks”.

Stay alert, stay on point and expect the unexpected.

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