Many employees will be terminated in ’09

We all know the economy is bad, but it really sinks home when you hear those big numbers.

I was watching CNN yesterday and was quite surprised to learn that 25% of all U.S. employers are planning to lay-off employees in the New Year. That is a lot of workers who will be out of work in the coming months.

Companies like American Express are not even waiting until the New Year. They announced today that they are laying-off 7,000 employees – 10% of their workforce. Executive Protection companies like ours will be in high demand in the coming months (and maybe years)due to fears of workplace violence. We are already planning on adding additional training classes just to meet demands from clients for corporate bodyguards to protect their managers.

Our E.P. training class in Los Angeles next month will go into workplace violence in greater detail than ever before. Fortunately, not everyone will react violently to getting laid off. For those who will need to find a new job or even change careers, Rachel Zupek from has written a very useful article on how carefully planned networking can increase your chances of finding that next position.

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  1. Ruth Platt says:

    Hi John,

    How do you recruit for these types of positions? I would like to learn more.

    Looking forward to speaking with you,

    RuthAnn Platt, PHR
    Independent Recruiter

  2. gilbertdirectmarketing says:
  3. John Sexton says:


    Do you mean for Executive Protection positions? If so, it is sometimes a case of “them finding us” rather than the other way around. The fact that we have our own State Certified Training Academy means that we get to know the agents when they are undergoing training and can identify which ones would make good employees. We then offer assignments to the top performers. That is one of the big advantages (for them too as they are looking to make a career in Executve Protection)to having an operational firm and a training center.

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