Mayhem in Mumbai

The total number of casualties rise in the financial capital of India after terrorists attack multiple locations.

The latest figures suggest that at least 100 people have been killed and as many as 900 injured. Radio and television reporters are saying that it has all the hallmarks of an Al-Qaeda attack. Locations included a railway station, a cinema, the Taj Hotel, and another very popular restaurant.

It appears as if the terrorists singled out Westerners as they are reported to have taken British and American tourists hostages and brought them up to the 18th floor of the hotel. This evening the hotel is on fire and the fate of the hostages is still unknown.

The good news for some, is that they were able to escape form the hotel in the confusion. It appears that the terrorists could have numbered dozens of heavily armed men. This is definitely not a random attack but a well planned and executed operation aimed at causing mass casualties amnd hitting India’s financial markets in much the same way as Wall Street was attacked on 9/11.

We do not hear that much about India’s terrorist problems in the West but I was made aware of it when I was invited to India to speak on Security matters this time last year. I have since that time made clients and potenital clients aware of the security situation.

There has been much outsourcing to India and many U.S. businesses are sending personnel over there as a result. Those who can afford to have their own professional security protectors should consider that option very carefully. It could very well turn out being more of a necessity than a luxury in these dangerous times.

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