Metro Crash Victims Laid to Rest

The funerals of the Metro crash victims took place this week in the Washington D.C. metro area.

What makes it all the more tragic, is the fact that these poor people died needlessly.

Metro Trasit should never have allowed the aging train cars to be used after being warned three years ago that they were unsafe. Being a security advisor, I have become used to clients disregarding the very advice for which they asked in the first place.

Most times it is due to cost. I have no doubt that is what happened with Metro. They probably did what they thought was a “risk assessment” of their defective equipment. They probably weighed the cost of replacing the older cars against the possibility of an accident and decided there was little chance of an accident.

Anybody who disregards professional advice like this and is subsequently responsible for people being killed and injured should be sued to the hilt. While no amount of money can ever bring back loved ones, Metro should have to pay out hundreds of millions of dollars as a punitive measure.

They have showed that they care more about saving money than saving peoples’ lives. I say they should be hit where it hurts – in their miserly pockets.

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