The Need to Network

We have previously written about the importance of building a network of contacts – whether you are looking to market a product, a service or to job hunt. Unless you are only looking to work just once a year, like the guys in this picture, then you will need to keep adding to and refreshing your network of contacts.

Writing in the Washington Post a few weeks ago, Laura Labovich wrote an article titled; “Uncover the Hidden Job Market by Networking“. Job seekers would do well to read the tips contained therein.

It is obvious to a company when a job seeker has not done their “homework”. The great majority of those who e-mail us looking for employment fail to explain what they are looking for, or more importantly, fail to show us why we should be interested in them.

There is no excuse these days to guess what makes a particular company “tick”. Company information to include a mission statement is readily available with minimal research. Ms. Labovich recommends telling friends and family about the company in which you are interested.

We would go further – research the company in groups such as “LinkedIn” and then try to make contact with people within the company. By making yourself familiar with their operation, you will be in a better demonstrate your interest if and when an opportunity exists.

These days, it is more important than ever to “go the extra mile”. If you don’t, there are plenty out there who will. These “extra milers” are more commonly called; your competition.

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