New security product takes picture of thief and sends to your cell phone!

I attended a community seminar on protecting homes in Loudon County last Saturday morning.

Loudon County is one of the top three fastest growing counties in the U.S. Recently, thieves have been breaking into resident’s homes during the day. In fact, since January ’08, there have been 102 burglaries.

Deputy J.D. Spurlock of the Special Operations Division did a commendable job of explaining to home owners how to safeguard their property. I think that most of those in attendance were quite surprised to learn of the National statistics for burglaries.

For instance, in the U.S., a home or apartment is broken into every 15 seconds. July and August are the months with the highest burglaries. Most break-ins happen between 6am and 6pm. Why? Thieves know that most people are gone during the day to work, school, etc. and they will have an easier time.

Those of you who have a house alarm, how many of you turn on the alarm during the day? I would say the numbers would be very low. Most people only think of using an alarm at night, yet most burglaries happen during the day and that is when the alarm should be activated.

Deputy Spurlock advised on utilizing a “layered” system of security. This means that residents should not just rely on one house alarm to keep them safe. They should also trim the bushes in front of windows, report suspicious persons, etc. When the officer was asked for his opinion on GUARDIT, the new security system that took picturs of thieves entering your home and then sent the pictures immediately to your cell phone, he replied that as long as the pictures were of good quality, it sounded like a great idea.

Deputy Spurlock went on to say that Police Officers usually had a good idea who was involved in local crime, but placing them near the scene was difficult if they were not caught red-handed. He said that GUARDIT technology would be a great investigative tool to catch the criminals involved.

GUARDIT will make the job of Law Enforcement much easier and give victims a very real chance of recovering their stolen property. We think that using GUARDIT Technology as part of your overall layering system is a smart security move.

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