NFL Players and Senseless Violence

Scott Brown writes about the dangers that well known NFL players face on a regular basis. For some, it has even led to their untimely deaths.

Interestingly, many players seem reluctant to hire professional security agents. There is a fear that it will make them seem “self important” and may arouse “indignation”. Is it just me or does this strike anybody else as a stupid reason to forego concerns and plans to safeguard one’s own personal safety?

Does anybody think any less of a country’s President because he/she is flanked by highly trained personal protection specialists? Of course not. Why? Because history has proven to us that there are disturbed individuals in society who would kill a well known person/celebrity just for their 15 minutes of fame.

Why then should an NFL player not be entitled to have a security person(s) looking out for them? I am fairly sure that the family of Sean Taylor wishes that he had employed personal security and that they had confronted those criminals who broke into his house rather than Mr. Taylor.

There is no shame in taking precautions. Ask any security consultant for their opinion on whether a person is better off saying; “I wished I had…” or saying; “I am going to, just in case”.

Consider of all of the wonderful music John Lennon could have produced these past years had he employed a Personal Protection Agent to watch his back and protect him from the lunatics of this world. Artists like Lennon and world class athletes need to be protected so that they can continue to entertain us and thrill us with the gifts that they have been given. They deserve our support, not our indignation.

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