PETA Wouldn’t Hurt a Fly

I think that very few of us can ever hope to attain the lofty heights of humanity that PETA people seem to have reached.

Afterall, who amongst us would be in favor of catching pesky, dirty, germ spreading flies and then releasing them so that they could come back to annoy us all over again?

I would really like to know where PETA followers go to train to learn that kind of discipline. Do they have a PETA special forces type of training camp in the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia?

Have they signed a contract with a Blackwater boot camp to turn them into super-humans, capable of ignoring “bug and people-eating animals” – even when those same bugs and animals are chowing down on them?

Scoff not, for it does take an unimaginable discipline to be eaten by mosquitos and to hold back from swatting or squashing them with a reflexive slap. I lived and worked in Africa in the early 90′s and I did not possess that kind of discipline.

Just while living in Africa, I must have killed hundreds of mosquitos (this probably makes puts me into “war criminal” class by PETA standards)and yet, those pesky little blood-suckers still managed to give me malaria.

It will be interesting to see if President Obama puts his “catch and release” fly machine that PETA gave him to good use. Apparently, there are all kinds of bugs in the Whitehouse.

Strange, I would have thought they would have all been caught after Nixon left office.

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