Plaxico Burress Goes to Jail

In USA Today’s “The Huddle”, Sean Leahy writes about Plaxico Burress pleading guilty and receiving a 2 year jail term today.

Readers may recall that Burress shot himself accidentally in a Manhattan night club earlier this year.

I was talking to Washington Redskin, Chris Horton, about the Burress case today at the Quarterback Club. Ric “Doc” Walker was jokingly singling out some of the Redskins who may need Executive Protection as they had previously played for other NFL teams.

As I was explaining to Chris, your personal safety and safeguarding your livelihood and future is a serious matter. Plaxico sure won’t be living the high life sitting in a jail cell or being given a jail job making $0.47 an hour in the laundry room.

The saddest part about the unfortunate incident is that it could have easily been avoided altogether. If an NFL or NBA or NHL star feels that their life is being threatened to the point where carrying a firearm is necessary – then hire a professional security firm who will provide a Licensed Personal Protection Agent.

Not only are they licensed to carry a firearm – they are TRAINED. They will not shoot themselves or the client in the feet like Plaxico. If they have to fire their weapon (extremely rare for this to ever happen), then they will be the ones making the report and answering the questions.

Think Liability. Someone who carries a gun illegally is breaking the law and if caught, will be treated as a criminal. Plaxico’s attorney complained that his client was treated more harshly because he was a celebrity.

Guess what? That’s all the more reason to hire a professional Protector. Make sure that everything is above board and being a celebrity will not be a problem.

These guys need to invest in their personal security. What more important investment is out there?

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  1. Jerry MacCauley says:

    The Burress case is actually a lifestyle decision rather than someone concerned about self defense. The carrying of a firearm has become the status symbol of the thug generation and has gotten more than one celebrity in trouble. What amazes me is the investors (NFL, NBA, MLB, etc.) have not seen fit to provide protection and guidance to these high profile cash cows. Catching the game winning touchdown pass in a Super Bowl did not put this guy in more danger. His high risk life style off the field choices did that. A trained protection specialist might have influenced his decisions however and perhaps saved him from himself.

  2. Chris says:

    I couldn't agree more with you. Part of protecting the client is mitigating their risk from multiple focal points, not only their physical protection but their financial interests as well as their reputation or image.

    Plaxico literally lost millions of dollars in salary, bonuses and endorsements over the next two or more years because he wanted to portray the image of tough guy, "Look at me, I'm carrying a gun." Well, not only was he carrying a gun illegally but he injured himself too. For a fraction of a fraction of what he lost in money he could have hired a professional, enjoyed his night at the club and been playing this Sunday. When will they learn?

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