Possible Senate floor vote this week on inter-State CCWs.

The NRA makes it sound as if the Senate could vote favorably tomorrow or Tuesday on an ammendment concerning freely carrying a concealed weapon from one State to another. Senators Thune and Vitter are behind the pro-gun reform movement. Couldn’t hurt to contact Senators and let them know how you feel. E-mail or fax letters though…snail mail won’t make it in time.

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  1. Jerry says:

    Tennessee just passed a controversial law which may affect the legisilative thinking around teh country. Legally licensed CCW holders Are now allowed to carry firearms into restaurants and bars, as well as State parks. As expected, the anti-gun crowd immediately lashed out about bullets and alcohol being a deadly combination (drinking while armed is still illegal) and all those gun-toting yahoos bringing firearms into our safe State parks. The odds of having to actually use a firearm to protect yourself or your family is extremely low, however the odds of having your vehicle burglarized, and your firearm stolen, while having dinner with your family is high. The logical solution for this group is for permit holders to not carry if there is a possibility that you may enter a park or restaurant during the day.

    In other words, those who have made the effort to get legally qualified and licensed to carry a firearm are not to be trusted around the unarmed and innocent public. If a few more politicians make this an issue, any progress made by pro gun groups will quickly erode.

  2. Chris says:

    These laws are doing nothing more than skirting our most fundamental right to bear arms. Not to sound like a gun nut, which means I'm about to but I'm really not, but the Bill of Rights was designed as a wish list of rights that the citizenry wanted against the oppressive rule that we experienced from the English.

    The 2nd Ammendment actually gives us the Constitutional right to take arms against an undemocratic government. Unfortunately, our elected leadership is doing everything possible to restrict (should be read protecting themselves from the citizens through legislation beacuse they know they are doing a lousy job of governing our country)our rights by making it more difficult to exercise our rights. Aren't these some of the exact things that sparked a revolution against the British some 230 years ago?

    Generally, gun control laws are misguided at best as they only affect those of us who follow the laws in the first place and not the "horrible" criminals that don't follow the laws to begin with, but are who the politicians want you to believe they are intended to affect as they legislate your rights away from under your nose.

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