Professional Training Rewards

Readers of this blog hardly need to be reminded of the advantages that continuing training brings.

Unfortunately, many people focus on the cost of training – which is a very legitimate concern, but it’s something of a “no pain, no gain” situation.

We have designed an overseas training program for Executive Protection professionals who wish to gain experience in working overseas and to be able to compete for lucrative assignments.

Luckily for those who decided to enrol, it appears as if we may have a number of full time overseas positions arising in the coming months. Since we always believe in hiring our own graduates for our clients’ needs, those trained in overseas protection will be the first to be offered a position.

The other great benefit though, is that those graduates will qualify for a higher rate of pay. When you take into consideration that this higher rate applies to each week of a 48 week contract and beyond, it is very easy to see how an initial training program can pay for itself many, many times over.

Therefore we say; “Good Luck” to the future grads of the International Training Program (I.T.P.) 2009!

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