Protecting the President on the Great Wall of China

It does not come as any surprise to those of us in the “business”, but for those who are unaware of how Executive Protection works, this article by Mail One online explains it in style.

For those who don’t know it, there is a world of a difference between a “bodyguard” and an E.P. agent. There may be times when you would want both on a team, but for the most part, the role of bodyguard has traditionally been associated with Brawn.

A professionally trained E.P. agent of the other hand will have much more knowledge and rely less on size to accomplish a mission. This is not to say that a larger person can not be smart or trained as well as an agent of lesser size.

One of the reasons why size has been linked to lesser or lower standards of training, is because of clients themselves. The client who requests a 6 foot 6 inch bruiser without considering whether that person has attended formal training is perpetuating the stereo type.

I have quite a few agents who stand much taller than 6 feet and weigh more than 240lbs/17 stone. Those statistics though are not their claim to fame. They are higly trained and experienced in providing not only personal/close protection for Executives/Royal families/High Net worth individuals and Celebrities.

These true professionals are also able to advise a client should I have to send them overnight on a plane thusands of miles away to Asia or Africa. They can conduct threat assessments, risk analysis and risk management duties as well as representing the client at a “C” level security briefing/planning session.

When deciding on the right E.P. security firm, clients should consider who will be able to provide agents who can blend in, remain just the right distance away, utilize modern technology to assist them in their operations, etc.

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