Raid in New York City for Al Qaeda Operatives

The attached FOX news item is a very real reminder that terrorists are living amongst us. A suspected Afghan terrorist living in the mid west visited what may have been an Al Qaeda cell in NYC.

A recent poll showed that fewer Americans are worried about a future terrorist attack, eight years after “9-11″. This is not shocking, but is to be expected. Even horrific memories begin to fade with the passing of time – especially for those who did not lose a relative or colleague on that terrible day.

What is more disturbing though, is the fact that many people believe there is little chance of a future attack due to; (a)the passing of 8 years without a subsequent attack in the United States and (b)security is so vastly improved that the terrorists “don’t stand a chance”.

Incidents like today’s raid in Queens shows us that the threat is real and is still here. Rather than feeling comfortable with the passing of time, we should be concerned that the more time goes by, the closer we are drawing to the next attack – which most experts will tell you is inevitable.

Remember; Complacancy Kills.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    from my perspective, this is real alarm ringer. The authorities found the remnants of bomb making so that means the stuff is already together and is out there. I would have been much more calm if they had interdicted earlier and prevented the terrorists from assembling their wares. Now we have scary people out there ready to do their thing and we don't have target id to do countermeasures.

  2. Anonymous says:

    More disturbing is the fact that the FBI wanted to wait longer to conduct their raids, with the hopes of gathering prosecutprial evidence for their dog and pony show. NYPD has arguably the best Counter-terror unit in the world right now. They have detectives working around the world and generally have a close and cordial working relationship with CIA, NSA, FBI, etc., but their primary mission is to protect the citizens of NY. If the Feds would only put half of that effort into protecting our homeland from these terror threats, we would not be considered such a "soft target."

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