Saudi Prince is Almost Killed Trying to Rehabilitate Al-Qaeda Suicide Bomber

This is an amazing story by Frank Gardner, a BBC security correspondent.

Recent events in Saudi Arabia shows that Al Qaeda are more than ever seeking to “up the ante” and push the envelope.

Just when the airline industry thought they had covered every feasible avenue of concealment – along comes the bad guys with a way to digest a bomb, making themselves quite literally, A WALKING TIME BOMB.

Another thing that this attempted assasination in Jeddah of Prince Mohammed bin Nayef teaches us, is that Al Qaeda are not focusing solely on Western Capitalists. To those out there working with Middle Eastern clients and Principals – be extremely vigilant.

Just because someone appears to come from the Middle East, does not mean they are not planning to inflict serious injuries on your Principal. Apart from how it may effect your livelihood and your very life, how damaging would it be for a Saudi Royal family member to be attacked…not even killed, but attacked while visitng the U.S.?

That is why our Institute teaches the importance of Predictive Profiling as opposed to Racial Profiling. This will have more relevance now than ever before with the prevalence of Middle Eastern clients visiting the U.S. and other destinations and needing a security team ready to react to any and all threats.

Security professionals need to immerse themselves in all of the latest trends and incidents – electronic equipment, political, cultural, religious, etc. To be in the top few percent, you need to be aware of everything that can help and hurt your client/principal.

For those of us in the security profession – congratulations, you have a “job for life”. Continue to train and develop as a specialist as you are in a unique position – you are in a field that is literally recession-proof.

The bad guys will always continue to be bad and the world will always need good guys to protect those in society who are in need of protection. As Col. Dave Grossman is famous for saying; “There will always be wolves looking to prey on the innocent lambs. Our job is to be the “sheep dog”.

We are there to keep vigilant watch. Never let your guard down as there may be a “wolf” standing by to take advantage.

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