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I took my security tips and news to the airwaves yesterday morning when I was a guest on the Travel’n-On radio show on Clear Channel.

My good friends Ian and Tonya Fitzpatrick are the hosts of the Saturday morning radio show, Travel’n-On. Being the consummate travelers they are, Ian and Tonya are always looking out for those who are considering going away on holidays or business. They asked me to share some thoughts on security for travelers wishing to protect themselves when away from home.

One of the first things to keep in mind when leaving your home for any period, is to safeguard it from unwanted intruders. Try to hide the fact that you are not at home. Make arrangements with a friend to collect your mail or ask the Post Office to hold it for a period until your return. The same thing goes for paper delivery. Nothing signals to a thief that you are away, quicker than an overflowing mailbox or a week’s worth of newspapers laying in the driveway.

Depending where in the world you are headed, you may not want to overly advertise where you are from. There is of course a big difference between going to a beach in Cancun and a business trip to Caracas. If you are visiting a city or country where you may possibly be a target for terrorists or organized criminals, you should think twice about wearing baseball caps and sweat shirts that may signal the country from which you come.

When traveling in more dangerous areas, try and blend in as much as possible. At all times, be highly aware of your surroundings and do not let your guard down. If you can afford to bring your own security with you, then obviously they will be concentrating on your physical security which will allow you to go about your business with less distractions.

Both the State Department ( Office of American Citizens Services and Crisis Management) and the CIA compile and make available information for would-be travelers. Information ranges from arriving at the airport to being taken hostage. Thankfully, the latter does not happen often to casual travelers but it is good to be aware of the possibility, especially in these dangerous times.

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