Senator Obama’s security concerns

It appears as if the authorities in Colorado are trying to down play the reported assassination plot of Senator Obama. Question is; how real was it?

It would certainly appear that the suspects were preparing for something out of the ordinary as they were reported as having a bullet proof vest and a high powered rifle with telescopic scope in their possession when apprehended. The fact that one of the them was described by his cohort as a “white supremist” who did not believe that a man of color could be the President of the U.S.A. is surely telling.

These three criminals were caught in much the same manner as the domestic terrorist, Timothy McVeigh. A dilgent policeman was doing his duty and pulled over the first suspect on a traffic stop. Some may call that luck, but having been a former Law Enforcement officer, I look upon it as good Police work. Many others might have not noticed the one little sign that made that officer suspicious and prompted him to check out the driver of the van.

That is why security can never rest. Whether it is foiling a potential terrorist plot or finding a child who has been abducted, we must always remain vigilant. It is a shame that there are those who believe a man is inferior based upon the color of his skin. It is even more terrible to realize that such a person would be willing to kill another based on racial hatred.

Unfortunately, this is a sad fact of life and steps need to be taken to thwart those disturbed individuals. Was this latest episode a non-event or by dismissing it are we attempting to sweep the shame of racism under the carpet? I for one, don’t think that we should take these warnings lightly. Afterall, it has been 45 years and people still debate the assassination of JFK. We still hear it being said that Lee Harvey Oswald was incapable of carrying out the killing himself.

I recently watched a documentary on the assassination of Robert Kennedy, produced on the 40th anniversary of his death. When interviewed, the brother of the asssassin claims that his brother was too nice a guy to do something so awful. The fact of the matter however, is that both Kennedys were brutally gunned down. I am sure it is something that nobody ever wants to see repeated.

Let us hope that whomever succeeds as President in November has a long and healthy Presidency and helps to allevitae the problems that have been piling up.

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