Sick Spies

Channel 4 in D.C. ran a story on the evening news last night about companies who hire investigators to “Spy” on their employees who call in sick and then use the day to go shopping, golfing and even working for other companies.

We have covered this topic before, so the story itself is not new, but what did seem strange, was the newscasters’ attitudes towards the private investigator who had been hired by the company.

One newscaster shook his head and said something like; “Can you believe that guy, he actually enjoys spying on people…what a job, I don’t know how he can do it”. Which leads one to understand that he condones employees who are dishonest and who call in sick when they are perfectly well and able to go to work.

There are some companies who allow employees to accumulate sick days and to get paid for them if they do not use them. On the other hand, if a company allows a person to call in sick only when they are sick and that person then goes out to the golf course, it is fraud.

If you are such an employer and reading this, you are totally within your rights to take measures which would detect an employee committing fraud. Investigators investigate such cases, they do not “spy”. I wonder if Channel 4 news also condones social welfare fraud or those who fraudulently claim workman’s comp?

It is little wonder that people like Bernie Madoff are allowed to steal billions of dollars in ponzi schemes and the mortgage industry issued loans that they new would not be repaid when we see our newscasters feeling empathy for people with fraudulent intent.

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