Similarities between colleges and executive protection training academies

Former New York Giant and Washington Redskin footballer, LaVar Arrington was discussing the benfits of attending a reputable college on his afternoon talk radio show today.

LaVar rightfully pointed out the importance of attending a college with a strong reputation in the field you wish to pursue. He used the example of engineering. If you wish to get a good job as an engineer after graduating from college, you need to consider attending a college which is regarded as one of the top engineering schools in the country.

He also spoke about the importance of networking. Students should be focusing on networking whilst in college to further their chances of landing a job as soon as they come out. As he remarked; if you haven’t lined a job up, then you are competing with everyone else looking for a job.

See the similarities with E.P.? Sure you can go to a school for $900 and get a piece of paper showing that you took training, but who is going to recognize that little school outside of the people who live in that village?

Just like the employer who is looking to hire an engineering graduate who has gone to an ivy league school, or a private institution whose credentails are above reproach, reputable companies who hire E.P. Agents want to know that they were trained to the highest degree.

We get contacted by people who say they are bodyguards, based on the fact that they went to a neighbor’s school. If I have time to play around, I’ll ask them which is their favorite book by Gavin de Becker. The blank stare looking back at me or the silence on the other end of the phone line tells me what I already thought. They did not get proper training, but because they paid so little, they think they got a bargain.

Do your research carefully. Weigh up your options as though you were chosing a college which would prepare you for a life-long career. Ask around the industry. Contact the school and see how helpful they are to you. If they keep asking you to send money, but can’t tell you what they are teaching or the background of the instructors – keep looking.

You will see that I wrote; “instructors” plural. Be suspicious of any person who teaches the whole course themselves. They are doing this becasue they want to save money and are more concerned about what is in it for them rather than how well they can train you.

On the other hand, they may just be egomaniacs. Do your due diligence. Try to find people who actually went through the training. They’ll usually be the best judges.

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