Some things just don’t make sense.

Have you ever thought that there are somethings that just don’t make sense?

Granted, there are things that may not seem to make sense at the time and later on situations may change. Take the Bernie Madoff case for example.

At the moment, many of us are sceptical about the rumors of a “plea bargain” arrangement with Bernie Madoff. Except for his wife, there must be a couple hundred million people in this country looking forward to him going to jail for life.

The question at the back of our minds is;”but will he?” Time will tell. Hopefully the authorities will do the right thing and won’t have us all wondering if there is a different law for the rich (and parasites who swindle people out of their life savings).

What I am talking about though is Customer Service. I have been seeing a noticeable deterioration in customer service these past months and it makes no sense.

In these hard economic times when people are watching their spending habits, you would think that customer service would be at an all time high. I’ll give an example. One of my Executive Protection Agents was flying in to work at the inauguration with our clients and I picked him up at Dulles airport.

On the way back, we stopped to get something to eat. The waitress who took our order, returned with one glass of water and was never seen again until the manager checked on us a half hour later. I told the manager that we had to find another waitress and my guest had actually to go to the “warming” area and find his own food.

I also let her know that businesses need to go “above and beyond” these days to make sure that customers have a pleasant experience and keep returning so that the business can remain operating. She agreed 100%.

On Friday I went into my wireless phone company with a question about my service. I counted nine employees and three customers (I was the third). After watching them gossip with each other and talk on their personal phones for twenty minutes, I had had enough and asked to speak with a manager. I did not get an apology and the person who responded took another five minutes to do so. I felt like asking; “CAN YOU SEE ME NOW?”

Those of us in security should always realize that customer service is an important part of the service we provide. If you notice others doing a poor job,do not try to emulate them. Give the client your full attention, be courteous and alert and ready to respond to any situation at all times.

To do otherwise would just not make sense.

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