September 11 – 8 Years Later

It is hard to believe that 8 years have passed already since the terrible occurances of 9-11. CNN early news commented this morning about the change in the country since those days.

If we cast our minds back, we will recall how the whole country came together as one and divisions were erased overnight. Sadly, this is not the case today. Political parties and their followers are more divided than ever about issues such as healthcare.

The general public are less concerned about future attacks as well. Those of us in the security profession realize that there is no room for complacancy, however. Terrorists can attack just about anywhere at any time.

If you are travelling with a Principal, remember the most recent attacks in Mumbai and practice your own security measures even though the hotel or venue may already have security in place. Expect the unexpected and always be prepared to react.

It will be up to you as an E.P. agent to know the political climate when you travel and to advise your Principal on where travel should be avoided or an itinerary changed as the situation dictates.

The drunken driving ads on the television say; “arrive alive”, but it is our goal that we both Arrive and Depart alive.