Is Michael Vick in the NFL Doghouse?

The Bleacherreport describes Michael Vick as the “disgraced former football superstar”. Vick finished his house arrest sentence 48 hours ago and had his ankle bracelet removed. The shackles may be gone, but it does not mean his problems are.

It is just about impossible for any reasonable person to be able to begin to understand the ex-Falcon. Without getting into the animal torture that landed him in prison in the first place, how is it possible that someone who was capable of signing a $120 million contract can now be bankrupt?

Most of us in our wildest dreams could not even contemplate how to spend a portion of that amount in a couple of years, let alone the whole enchilada. Wouldn’t it seem as if some type of financial or business manager might be a worthwhile investment? One thing is for sure, the homeboys/posse are not giving sage advice.

Falling from Grace is not restricted to rich athletes however. We tell our graduates and agents all the time that they have to keep their feet grounded. Once you disregard your values and forsake your sense of ethics, you open the door to disgrace like Michael Vick.

Which would you rather; to be strong and trustworthy with a highly respected reputation or a disgraced ex-con scrambling for another shot? Seems like an easy choice to me.