New Anti-Paparazzi Law in California

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed Assembly Bill 2479 into Law, making it a crime for paparazzi and others to follow recklessly in a vehicle in order to secure footage.

It will now also be against the law for paparazzi types to block a person’s path as they try to get away. Readers might remember that Princess Diana’s driver crashed the vehicle killing all but the bodyguard in an effort to escape from the paparazzi’s glare in Paris.

Private Investigator Jesse Martell thinks that the law should be more restrictive, allowing only P.I.s and Law Enforcement Officials to conduct vehicle surveillance. This is how the law is written in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Clients are often surprised and shocked to discover that they can not follow their spouse, significant other or employee in order to catch them cheating or stealing. Clients should always be aware of the law.

If information is obtained in an illegal manner (and sometime even Police and private investigators are guilty of this),that information is classed as “fruit of the poisonous tree” and will be thrown out of court.

It would appear as if there will be less scuffles between Executive Protection Agents and the paparazzi in the future – at least in California. We will have to wait to see if the old phrase holds true: “As does California, so does the rest of the Country”.

Why waiting for work is not a good idea for Bodyguards.

I was talking to a graduate of the Sexton Executive Security E.P. training program today. He lives on the West Coast and went through our California class in 2008. He was fortunate to have attended the class where Tom Taylor guest lectured about high profile clients and assignments.

When he went through the training, our graduate was running his own company, but was thinking of changing careers. As we do in all classes, we went into the importance of networking and discussed various business and social media sites it would be advatageous to join.

We also introduced the attendees to buisness owners who were our associates and who would be eager to call them when assignments came in as they knew the level of training these Agents would receive.

Fast forward two years and the graduate has left his other line of business and is now in urgent need of employment to pay bills which don’t stop because one’s lease agreement has ended. This graduate was one of the stars of the training week by the way, and all of the instructors were confident that he had what it took to succeed in this business.

I reminded him today why he should have followed our advice and made the contacts – even if he only did part-time work here and there, he would have started to build the foundation of his network. He realizes now his mistake. Of course I couldn’t leave him to starve, so I gave him contacts and assured I would drop them a line and tell them to put some work his way. That’s what you have to do for your folks.

The morale of the story? Don’t wait until you are in desperate need of work to look for work. Have you ever heard that you don’t go out shopping when you are hungry? Same idea. Sow your seeds today, but give them time to germinate and mature.

Jack and the Beanstalk was a make believe story.

Will Mexican Crime Terrorize Citizens on the U.S. Border?

Kidnapping and Ransom Insurance
The U.S. public used to be in danger of a kidnapping/ransom scenario when overseas. It’s getting so violent on our southern U.S. border that now kidnapping and ransom insurance is being offered.

I recently began to take a closer look at kidnappings in the U.S. along the border with Mexico when approached by a client who was looking to be protected by SEXTON E.P. agents.

The nerve and daring of these Mexican drug gangs is very disturbing. Probably even more disturbing is the fact that Law and Order South of our border could be more appropriately termed; “Lawlessness and Disorder”. It would appear that if criminals can not pay off Law Enforcement personnel, they just kill them.

We are very fortunate to have such professional Law Enforcement officers on our side of the border. Still, they can not be everywhere all of the time. It is very disturbing to learn of the many cases of U.S. citizens being grabbed in areas like Southern Texas and Southern California and taken across the border.

If you are wondering why they are being allowed through the border, the answer is painfully simple. Border officials are concentrating on traffic headed North to the U.S. and not vice versa.

Visitors to these areas who may not have considered themselves to be in any danger are encouraged to be very aware of their surroundngs. Businesses operating along the border, or who have reason to travel to Mexico, are advised to exercise extreme caution where their employees/managers/executives are concerned.

Threat Assessments and Risk Management policies should be conducted and re-visited on a regular basis.

How America may be funding the Mafia in Japan.

Those of us who may have thought of Japan as a country of respectful, law-abiding peaceful citizens, would do well to think again.

In a Washington Post article titled: “The Mob is Big in Japan”, the writer, Jake Adelstein paints a far different picture. Mr. Adelstein has spent the past 15 years covering the Mafia (Yakuza) as a crime reporter for Japan’s largest newspaper, the Yomiuri Shimbun. He has been so relentless in his reporting, that his life and that of his family are now in danger.

Apparently, Mobs are legal entities there and they have “fan magazines” and comic books. The Japanese National Police Agency (NPA)estimates that the yakuza has nearly 80,000 members. Police say that in Tokyo alone, there are more than 800 yakuza “front companies” in industries such as: investment and auditing firms, construction companies and pastry shops. Disturbingly, it is reported that the mobsters have even opened their own bank in California.

In more recent times, the yakuza have moved into finance. Japan’s Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission know of more than 50 listed companies with ties to the underworld. U.S. investors have invested billions of dollars in the Japanese stock market. How much of that is going towards funding the Japanese Mob? To add further insult to injury, the yakuza makes much of their ill-gotten profits from child pornography. Want to hear something revolting? Owning child porn in Japan is LEGAL.

Investigation firms such as ours constantly advise clients to do their due diligence. How would you like to enter into a business agreement with a Japanese company and later find out that they were a front company for drug runners and child porn peddlers? Remember, you can’t always rely on a government to tell you who the bad guys are and they don’t always wear black hats.

Know what you are getting into and if it is a deal worth pursuing, hire somebody to conduct a thorough investigation or send over a member of your staff to check them out fully and avoid having your reputation damaged down the road.