Introduction to Executive Protection in Las Vegas

There are many people across the United States who wonder what it would be like to be a bodyguard…how much money can you make, what it would be like to work with the rich and famous…

If you have ever considered working as an Executive Protection Agent, you may have researched the type of school you would need to attend for this specialized training. If you did, you probably know that the cost is a few thousand dollars.

For most people, that is a considerable investment – speaking of the short term anyway. Long term – it is little compared to college tuition and after you are certified, you can make a lucrative living and have an exciting career, that many others can only dream about.

If you are considering a career change,taking early retirement, or perhaps know someone who is thinking about Executive Protection as a career, wouldn’t it be better to find out first hand what is involved before paying out money for something that you/they are not even sure might be the right choice?

We think so, that is why we hold E.P. introduction classes in various cities around the United States. Our next Bodyguard Intro class will be held in downtown Las Vegas on 3/20/11. We will share all the “secrets” about being a bodyguard in that class. Attendees may ask as many questions as they need in order to decide if working as an Executive Protection Agent is really for them.

Some of the topics which will be discussed include; how much money you can expect to make – both in the U.S. and overseas (very important when it comes to getting an assignment as you want to be sure you are being paid a fair amount), how to work overseas, how to network and build a list of contacts that will assist you with employment, what a school should be teaching you,what they should be charging you (it is just as bad to pay too little as it is to pay too much), different laws in the U.S., when you can carry a weapon, etc.

This is only a small example of what you will learn during the presentation. The cost to attend the class is $125.00 and is a small investment when you consider it could save you $1000′s. As an added benefit, we will even refund the class fee to anyone who wishes to take our E.P. training in Las Vegas in September or, at any other location within 12 months of the presentation.

Remember, this presentation is not just for our training, but for the Executive Protection profession as a whole. Armed with all of the insider information we will give, you will be in a far better position to make an informed decision on not only where to train and how much to spend, but if this line of work is really for you.

Seating is strictly limited, so to reserve your place in class and to avoid disappointment, e-mail us at; for a registration form today. Unless you would rather go to the introduction seminar in May – but that will be held in Bangkok.

Sports stars to practice self-protection?

My recent posting regarding the safety of sports stars and the need for Risk Management appears to have been quite timely as USA Today followed-up with their own article on athletes and security.

It is obvious from the article that many professional NBA and NFL stars are concerned for their safety and are talking about purchasing guns and dogs to help protect themselves. While I fully understand their concern, the athletes involved need to be aware of the danger that some of these ideas may pose. For instance, the NFL has strict guidlines restricting the carrying of weapons on their property. Likewise, cities such as Washington D.C., New York, Los Angeles, all have very strict laws that make it very difficult to carry a concealed weapon if you are not a law enforcement officer.

Even if an athlete could carry a concealed weapon, there are no exceptions covering Federal Buildings, establishments that serve alochol, crossing State lines, etc. As Kelly Davis, a Chicago police officer who worked for three years as a bodyguard to NBA star Denis Rodman said; “if you feel like you need to carry a gun….you need to hire security”. A gun is not the ultimate solution to every security threat and guns in the hands of non-experts pose a serious risk factor and open the door to huge liability problems. It is much better to rely on the services of a professional Security firm for these reasons.

Some athletes, such as Torii Hunter of the Los Angeles Angels, intends to “keep a lower profile”. While this sounds fine in theory, in reality, it may be very difficult to put into practice. Sports stars, like the President of the United States, will continue to be in the public eye. It is unrealistic to believe that they will stay behind guarded walls when they are not on the field. That is why they need security professonals to “watch their backs” as they go about their lives with as little interruption as possble. The President continues to travel about the country and the world, and in so doing, is protected by highly trained professionals who spend all of their time ensuring that their Principal is safe.

Unfortunately, there appears to be an increase in violent crimes – robberies and burglaries occurring in the player’s homes these days. We agree fully with Antwan Jamison of the Washington Wizzards when he says; “you have to take precautions now as far as being at home”. Our theme of “target hardening” has never been so approporiate as it is today. The NFL league spokesman, Greg Aiello sums it up perfectly when he says; “don’t make it easy for people to target you”.

Like we have said many times before, thieves and criminals are opportunists. If they see that a home or an athlete is being protected, they will move along to the one that is without security. For those with a particular axe to grind, the security professional will advise his client on the best way to alternate routes and times of travel, using decoy vehicles, etc. We could go on, but we do not want to give away too many secrets.

Michael Vick’s journey from the NFL to a jail cell

I watched CNN this morning as they announced that Michael Vick had been sentenced to 23 months incarceration for his part in organizing illegal dog fighting and animal abuse. I have never been a star quarterback so I do not know how it feels to go from being a NFL superstar to a Felon, but I bet it can’t be easy.

There’s not much upside to this story either. The sentencing Judge, Henry E. Hudson, was not buying the idea that it had been a “momentary lack of judgement.” He described Vick as being a “full partner” in the crime. He also told him that he owed an apology to the young children who used to look up to him as a role model.

As if all of this humilation was not enough, Vick is still liable to be prosecuted under State Law. Other than an acquital, which is highly unlikely after his conviction in Federal court, the best he can hope for is to have all of his State sentence run concurrently (at the same time as the Federal time).

I recently wrote about Risk Management. For the life of me, I do not understand why one of the highest earning super stars in the NFL (his 10 year contract was reportedly worth $130,000,000.00)would not hire personal security consultants to keep him out of trouble. While a personal protection agent’s main role is usually keeping his client safe from outside threats and attacks, in the case of celebrities, this often means keeping them safe – from themselves.

A colleague and I were talking last year about an assignment that involved protecting a world famous boxer who had a penchant for getting into trouble. He said that he never worried about anyone attacking his client, but he constantly worried about his client getting into trouble. This was most especially the case where females were involved. As a result he was like a baby sitter and was never able to take his eyes off of the client (baby) for more than a second. He said the money was great, but in the end it just wore him down too much.

Guys like Vick are really to be pitied. Most of them go from relative obscurity and poverty to overnight stardom. Which of us would not fold under that pressure? We see Lotto winners losing fortunes all the time. There are always too many hanger-ons, both from the old days and new found friends who are afraid to speak their minds. However, having the courage to speak up and voice an unpopular opinion might be just what it takes to keep these guys out of trouble.

They need tough love so they don’t swap their Armani for prison stripes. If you come across any super stars to be, tell them about us. We’ll keep them safe. At the same time we’ll keep them out of lawsuits, gossip columns, bankruptcy courts and jail. It’s probably too late for Vick. At the time of writing his houses are being auctioned off and the creditors are moving in.

As I said before, this is the opposite of Risk Management. This is avoidance. We all have risk. The secret is knowing how to best manage it.