Is this a case of; "Do as I say, not as I do"?

I think it is a shame when a Police Officer acts like a Politician. It seems like this might be what happened to the Police Chief in San Francisco.

It has leaked out that Chief Heather Fong has not qualified with her service weapon in years. She actually admits to it but blames the lapse on her busy schedule. This poses two really pressing questions. Firstly, what would she do if she was getting into her vehicle going to or coming from work and she witnessed a grievous felony taking place? If she pulled her weapon, she would most definitely not be able to respond in a manner befitting a trained Police Officer who had undergone requalification every 6 months as is her Department’s policy. Would she even be qualified/legally covered to use her weapon after going years without re-training?

Secondly, how is she able to administer punishment to other officers who have failed to re-qualify when she herself is facing disciplinary charges? What kind of message is she sending out? Apparently, in San Francisco there seems to be one law for the street cops and another for high ranking officers. This must do wonders for morale.

Of course we know that you have a busy schedule Chief, but it is hard to believe that you couldn’t find an hour once every six months to run out to the range and “pop a few off”. You would hardly have to wait in line like everyone else. Have you forgotten what every Police Officer (and armed security officer for that matter) is taught, that using a weapon is based upon muscle memory? In other words, if you don’t use it, you lose it.

People like Chief Fong are supposed to lead by example and shame on them when they don’t. Do the right thing Chief, bring a sandwich to work with you and go out to the range on your lunch break. You shouldn’t put yourself above the law.