Putting Your Best Foot Forward

I have spoken in the past about the art of resume writing and submittal. Here is an example of what to “never do”…..

I received a resume from a person who was looking to join our company as…..something. Bodyguard….Private Investigator…Corporate Consultant…I don’t know.

His resume was not accompanied by a cover letter. Usually, I do not have the time to respond to such a request, but I was headed over to Ireland and wanted to clear out my current e-mail before I left. Also, he stated that if we hired him, we would soon realize that he was our best asset. I was intrigued.

I called our “future best asset” and asked about his training. It was minimal at best. I then asked where he was currently working. He was unemployed. I asked what registrations he possessed. He informed me that whatever he did have, had expired.
He was what you might call – a “legend in his own mind”.

In real estate they say; “location, location, location”. In security we say; “training, training, training”. Professionals do not allow licenses and registrations to lapse and expire. They also never claim to be something they are not.

That other person’s name is now prominently displayed on our; “never-call-in-a-million-years” list…and we won’t.