BP to pay for all damages associated with the Gulf Coast oil spill.

Maybe BP will learn a lesson after it has paid out of pocket for the costs associated with the oil spill clean up and the fines imposed for all of the wildlife deaths.

Watching news reports yesterday covering BP’s attempts to “cap” the oil spill off the Gulf Coast, brought up a discussion regarding their television ads which depicted BP as an oil company very much concerned with doing the right thing for the environment. In reality though, it seems that BP have less than 2% of their resourrces involved with alternative energy. In addition, their failure to provide adequate measures that would have prevented such an environmental disaster, must be a blow to the image they wished to portray.

Companies need to be careful of portraying themselves as something they are not. We pass this message along to the graduates of our training programs, especially to those who are planning on opening their own companies. there is nothing wrong with honestly stating; “we don’t provide that service/product”. Do not try to be “all thjings to all people”. If you do, not only may you appear as a “jack of all trades”, but you may jeopardize your ethics and therfore your reputation.

For example, there are those who purchase cheap TSCM equipment and then portray themselves as “experts” when they do not have the proper training or equipment. This leaves the client vulnerable and you liable for a lawsuit. Better to do the right thing each and every time. This does not mean that you have to turn down business. As a “trusted advisor”, you can refer the client to an expert who may give a “finder’s fee”, or sub-contract a true expert yourself.

Afterall, you wouldn’t want to look like a “BP”…now would you?