Private Investigator Training in Virginia

A new batch of potential P.I.s arrived in for training at the headquarters of SEXTON yesterday morning.

During the first day of training, students learned about the Governmental body which regulates private security in the Commonwealth of Virginia; the Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS).

They also learned about laws governing covert surveillance and voice recording, stalking, GPS tracking devices, interviewing and interrogation, how to open a P.I. firm and the licensing. That all in the first day!

Today, students are receiving a lecture from a court officer on the judicial system, how to properly testify, accompanying a client to obtain a restraining order from the Magistrate, etc.

I would say look out for the new graduates…..but after the top tier training they receive this week, you won’t know who they are!

Former Crack Cocaine Smoking Mayor Arrested Again in D.C.

Former Mayor of Washington D.C., Marion Barry has once again been arrested – this time for stalking a woman.

It would appear that the former Mayor is intent on proving the old adage right – leopards don’t change their spots.

From smoking crack cocaine to frequenting prostitutes, from not paying his taxes to stalking women…there does not appear to be any depth of deparavity to which Mr. Barry is not willing to sink.

Yet the citizens of D.C. keep re-electing him into office. Can anyone give a half-intelligent reason why this public and political misfit keeps getting re-elected to public office?

It can’t even be said that it is time for D.C. residents to refuse to be the laughing stock of the country…that time has long since passed. You got what you voted for D.C.