D.C. Metro Train Driver Endangers Lives by Texting while Driving

This story that has been covered by Fox News as well as CNN this morning is enough to send a shiver down your spine. Especially since we just witnessed the funerals of Metro riders who were killed in the recent Metro crash.

The question is begging to be answered; “is the loss of 5 days pay adequate punishment for someone who endangers the lives of Metro riders by disregarding procedures and policies?”

Apparently this Metro Train driver does not take the job that seriously, despite having ultimate responsibility of so many lives. Unfortunately, we recently saw what can happen and the devastation that can be caused when a train on “auto pilot’ crashes.

I think this driver should have been charged with reckless driving or reckless endangerment and prosecuted in a court of law at a minimum. It seems that Metro riders are literally taking their lives in their hands when riding decrepit trains being driven by people playing with their cell phones.

Which begs another question; “does the Metro transit system not employ any inspectors or have any oversight in place and if not, why not?”

Texas Prepares as Mexico Spirals out of Control

Yet more news today about organized crime threatening the peace and safety of Southern Texas.

Representative Michael McCaul from Texas was interviewed by FOX news this morning and spoke about contingency planning as chaos continues further South.

The death toll from organized crime activity in Mexico last year reached nearly 6,000. It is said that 2,000 have died so far and the year is not yet ten weeks old. Rep. McCaul appeared to be in favor of National Guard Troops being called in to bolster Law Enforcement.

At the current rate, it will not be too long before Mexico more closely resembles Iraq than a cheap get-away for holiday makers.

Celebrity’s Bodyguard Caught on Camera

Paparazzi seem to draw bodyguards to their cameras like moths to a light bulb.

This recent grapple caught on video was aired on the Fox News show in the “Kelly’s Court” segment. Megyn Kelly acted as the judge while two other lawyers debated whether the photographer had a chance of winning a civil suit

The celebrity, John Meyer, appeared to be exiting a restaurant with a friend when a photographer tried to take a picture. Although the clip was relatively short, it appeared as if Mr. Meyer’s E.P. agent went over the top in trying to block the photogapher from taking the picture.

From a professional E.P. point of view, the matter could have been handled with much decorum and expertise. Mr. Meyer should have been closely escorted to his vehicle and placed inside out of harm’s way. Since there only appeared to be one E.P. agent (who also doubled up as driver), when he went charging at the photographer, he left his Principal unprotected.

For some reason, many of the people employed to protect celebrities seem more preoccupied with making sure that pictures are not taken rather than ensuring the safety of their Principal. What makes it all the more ironic, is the fact that these celebrities are usually out in the public eye and therefore can not realistically expect total privacy.

If you are a Personal Protection Specialist and you find yourself in this position, remember two things. Firstly, always remember your duty to protect your Principal. If you are doing it alone, who will be looking after them when you are rolling around the floor with a photographer?

Secondly, remember that you can be sued civilly – and do not take that literally, there is nothing civil about it. You may or may not be prosecuted criminally, but if you lose a civil suit, it could mean that you’ll be spending the rest of your working life paying that photographer who is claiming neck injuires and all kinds of trauma.

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but it is hardly worth ruining your career and life.

Why would the Government hire a security consultant and then not listen to him?

I received an interesting piece from one of my friends in Homeland Security. It concerns Juval Aviv, the Bodyguard for Golda Meir and the person she sent out to track down those responsible for killing the Israeli athletes during the Munich Olympic games.

Apparently Mr. Aviv delivered a lecture in New York City a couple of weeks ago. He made some startling predictions. One of these is the fact that he believes the next attack(s)on the U.S. will occur in the next few months and it will involve suicide and non-suicide bombers where large numbers of people congregate. This will not come as any surprise to those of us who have seen the Al Qaida training types showing training scenarios aimed at football stadiums, shopping malls, golf tournaments, etc.

Interestingly, Aviv claims that these threats are well known by the U.S. Govt. but they do not want to “alarm citizens” with the facts. Aviv just might know what he’s talking about there since he currently serves as a special consultant to the U.S. Congress and other policy makers. There is no doubt that he knows what he is talking about when he describes what is needed at U.S. airports.

I have long known that U.S. airports are not as safe as people would like to think. Apart from all of the “mistakes” and the prohibited items that make it past the security check points, there is the procedure whereby bags remain unchecked in any form until people have gained access to ticket desks and the internal front area of the airport. The people themselves are not screened until they head for the gates. What would happen if a terrorist self-detonated in the middle of a crowded airport without ever trying or expecting to make it on a plane? Scary thoughts, but thoughts nonetheless about which someone should be thinking and being concerned enough to address it.

Should Aviv be taken serious? Well, he predicted the London bombing on the Bill O’Reilly show on Fox News stating publicly that it would happen within a week. At the time, O’Reilly laughed and said that in a week, he wanted him back on the show. Unfortunately, within a week the terrorist attack occurred.

It would be nice to know that the Government was doing all it could for us, but reading and hearing things like this does not exactly instill confidence. Then again, there were probably those who felt safe seeing Army reservists with rifles in our airports in the days following 9-11. That is, if you didn’t think about it for more than a minute.

Like charity, security starts at home. Now more than ever, it may be a case of; “the Lord helping those who help themselves.”