Do You Fake Being Sick?

A local Washington D.C. radio show ran a story before Christmas on employees who call in sick, but who are not actually sick.

Is that you? The chances are 50/50 that it might be. It seems that more than 50% of employees call in sick when there is nothing wrong with them.

Before you laugh this off or decide to nurse a New Year’s hangover at home and not go into work, you should realize that employers are wise to fake sicknesses. So much so, that they are hiring private investigators to watch dishonest employees.

This should not come as a surprise. False reporting of this nature costs businesses hundereds of millions of dollars in lost productivity. In these troubled economic times, the last thing a business owner needs are employees who are dishonest and a drain on the company.

This is something to seriously consider the next time you decide not to bother going into work. You’ll not only feel better that you did the right thing, but you won’t have to worry that the guy in the London Fog trench coat had you in his radar.