Sometimes danger lurks right under our nose.

When Executive Protecion Specialists think and speak about “Threat Assessment”, they are usually focusing on a known or suspected danger that may prove life-threatening. Sometimes, that danger may already have made itself at home and is silently destroying lives and eating away at victims like a cancerous growth.

One such story was highlighted by the “Washington Post Magazine” on May 25th, 2008. It involved a young girl who had been molested and raped by her own father. A man who was something of a hero to many. A man who had walked side by side with Dr. martin Luther king and who was only a few feet away from the Civil Rights leader when he was assasinated. That man is James Bevel.

I had the pleasure of listening to Col. Dave Grossman speaking at UCLA last April. He was eloquent in his description of how young lives are taken and families estroyed by School killings. He also spoke about those who prey on the less suspecting. He equated it to the Wolves hunting down and eating sheep. Mr. Bevel appears to be one of those parasitic wolves.

For years he raped his little daughter, telling her it was something of an “experiment”. In his mind, he didn’t think that it mattered. His unfathomable belief (and apparently remains the same until this day) is that all women are prostitutes until they reach a certain age, when sex is set aside for procreation. This beleif allowed him to allegedly rape his eight year old daughter on many occassions.

His daughter, Aaralyn Mills, finally found the courage to step foward and contact the Police in 2005. She assisted the Leesburg authorities to tape record her conversation with her father. In that conversation, James Bevel admitted raoping his daughter and that it was part of a scientific process. Unfortunately, her mother, like many other mothers, did not want or couldn’t face the truth. This gave the big, bad wolf all the space he needed to desecrate the little sheep.

Sadly, men like this are living throughout our communities. they come in all shapes, sizes nd colors. Some are Doctors, Community leaders, Priests, Police Officers, Electricians and Preachers. If you have been entrusted with the job of protecting an innocent lamb, be a strong and fearful sheepdog and protect your flock, with your very life if need be. Be brave like Aaralyn Mills. She stepped forward at this time in her life because her father who has many children with many different women has now a young daughter and her half-siter is afraid that he will rape her too.