Bodyguards on YouTube

A lot of people think they know what a bodyguard does. It is definitely not all about being chased by bad guys at 90 mph or shooting while hanging out of moving vehicles.

It is however, very similar to this YouTube video. This is a typical detail – picking up a client from the airport and escorting them back to their hotel or a shopping trip.

If you happen to be in Las Vegas in about three weeks, you can find out more about working as an Executive Protection Agent, as we will hold our “Introduction to Executive Protection” on 3/20/11.

Anyone who attends the one day training will have their fee reimbursed if they later decide to take one of our Personal Protection Specialist training programs.

Do you have what it takes to be a Bodyguard?

Introduction to Executive Protection in Las Vegas

There are many people across the United States who wonder what it would be like to be a bodyguard…how much money can you make, what it would be like to work with the rich and famous…

If you have ever considered working as an Executive Protection Agent, you may have researched the type of school you would need to attend for this specialized training. If you did, you probably know that the cost is a few thousand dollars.

For most people, that is a considerable investment – speaking of the short term anyway. Long term – it is little compared to college tuition and after you are certified, you can make a lucrative living and have an exciting career, that many others can only dream about.

If you are considering a career change,taking early retirement, or perhaps know someone who is thinking about Executive Protection as a career, wouldn’t it be better to find out first hand what is involved before paying out money for something that you/they are not even sure might be the right choice?

We think so, that is why we hold E.P. introduction classes in various cities around the United States. Our next Bodyguard Intro class will be held in downtown Las Vegas on 3/20/11. We will share all the “secrets” about being a bodyguard in that class. Attendees may ask as many questions as they need in order to decide if working as an Executive Protection Agent is really for them.

Some of the topics which will be discussed include; how much money you can expect to make – both in the U.S. and overseas (very important when it comes to getting an assignment as you want to be sure you are being paid a fair amount), how to work overseas, how to network and build a list of contacts that will assist you with employment, what a school should be teaching you,what they should be charging you (it is just as bad to pay too little as it is to pay too much), different laws in the U.S., when you can carry a weapon, etc.

This is only a small example of what you will learn during the presentation. The cost to attend the class is $125.00 and is a small investment when you consider it could save you $1000′s. As an added benefit, we will even refund the class fee to anyone who wishes to take our E.P. training in Las Vegas in September or, at any other location within 12 months of the presentation.

Remember, this presentation is not just for our training, but for the Executive Protection profession as a whole. Armed with all of the insider information we will give, you will be in a far better position to make an informed decision on not only where to train and how much to spend, but if this line of work is really for you.

Seating is strictly limited, so to reserve your place in class and to avoid disappointment, e-mail us at; for a registration form today. Unless you would rather go to the introduction seminar in May – but that will be held in Bangkok.

Las Vegas – Introduction to Executive Protection 3/20/11

Students attending our Las Vegas bodyguard training to get a discount

When bodyguards think of “shooting” it is usually the type of shooting involving guns. Not in October in Las Vegas, however! The SEXTON Security Training Academy is working on having their upcoming Personal Protection Specialist Training program filmed for television.

As a result, we are giving all students attending our Nationally acclaimed training in Las Vegas from 10/3 to 10/9 a $350 discount to offset any inconvenience experienced during the shooting. Discounts are also available for our Veterans wishing to attend training.

Class size will be strictly limited to allow for extra room needed by cameras and crew. The intense training week will culminate on the eve of graduation with a gala dinner and the announcement of the top performer of the week being presented with the coveted Sexton “MVP” award.

For more information and to request a registration form to secure your seat in training, e-mail us at;

Make sure you can confirm what your resume says about you

What is the “job” of a resume? To show people how much you know….to make yourself irresistible to an employer? Think again.

Your resume is your “foot in the door” of an opportunity to interview. Think of your resume as an appetiser. Your resume should “whet the appetite” of a potential employer, making them want to see the main course (you).

Now, what if your resume went overboard in describing your qualities, training and experience? Have you ever read a description of a dish on a menu and picked it just because it sounded great? What was your reaction when the meal arrived and it did not live up to expectations?

I’m guessing you complained, sent it back or re-ordered. If you accepted it and said nothing, chances are you were resentful, maybe left a miserable tip and decided that you would never go to that restaurant again. Am I close?

Do you see how a potential employer may feel if you come across as something you are not? We regularly receive resumes from security personnel looking to work for us and claiming to have E.P. experience. Yet when we look at the resume, we often see that their experience involved Bail Bonds, Bounty Hunting or Repossessing vehicles, but not E.P.

SEXTON is currently advertising their Executive Protection/ Personal Protection Specialist training program to be held in Las Vegas at the beginning of October. We have received several resumes from people who have seen the announcement and then decided to send us their resumes for work.

If you can identify yourself in this, stop this practice immediately. Firstly it shows us that you have poor powers of observation. If you had read the announcement properly, you would have seen that we were not looking for resumes. Secondly, if you have no formal training, why would we want to hire you?

It would be much better if you asked about the training, then you would see that you would be taught a world of new information, techniques and team building skills, the likes of which you probably never experienced previously.

Companies are receiving thousands of resumes for only a handful of jobs these days. It is said that there are approx. 33 million resumes in circulation today. Hiring personnel are getting battlefield experience like a M.A.S.H. unit and as such, can spot fluff and rubbish a mile away.

If you don’t have what you say you have, don’t say it or write it. Go find it and do it. Then later tell a prospective employer what you can do for them today.

The added value of training

As I prepare the Executive Protection course manual for our upcoming E.P. training program in New York City, later this month, I’m reminded of a recent conversation with one of our graduates from the Las Vegas class last December.

The student had traveled from Oregon, where he is employed as a State Correction Officer. Our graduates come from varying backgrounds – sometime they are already employed on a full-time basis and may be exploring a career change or preparing for retirement.

Other times they are in need of employment, or may already be working in security, but looking to take their career to a higher level. This is a very intelligent strategy, since one can literally go from a position paying $14 or $15 an hour to one paying $25 – $35 an hour domestic ($50 – $70 an hour for overseas assignments).

This young officer contacted me last month to let me know that he had submitted the forms we helped them all to complete – the official government forms from the Department of Criminal Justice Services, which qualifies all of our graduates to become registered as official Personal Protection Specialists (PPS)by the Department.

What he said next should be of special interest to all of those considering taking our E.P. training and who ask; “will my State recognize the training”?

Apparently, Oregon thinks so highly of the Personal Protection Specialist training which is certified by DCJS, that graduating from our Las Vegas training course in December qualified him to receive a higher level pay grade and he has also been awarded a position of security manager.

This of course is all a huge bonus. When he completed our highly acclaimed 7 day training program, the young officer was elated to have gone through the intense course with his fellow colleagues and to have learned philosophies and strategies unknown to him before.

What will your State think of the PPS training? Probably quite a lot, as Oregon already does. The Commonwealth of Virginia regulates the security profession and holds it to a very high standard as evidenced by the establishment of a Government body such as the Department of Criminal Justice Services.

The Commonwealth of Virginia is widely regarded as the leader when it comes to regulating private security. Other States who enforce strict regulatory control inlcude; California, Florida and Texas, to name but a few.

Attending a highly respected and proven E.P. training school and becomming registered as a VA PPS, is equivalent to attending an Ivy League collee like Harvard or Yale in the academic world.

That is one of the many advantages of training – taking your career to a higher level and getting on the “Fast Track”. Not only will you learn a wealth of information that will hold you in good stead throughout your career, but you’ll have an ivy league list of contacts that you can call upon for assistance and advice over the years.

Welcome to the E.P. Graduates of Las Vegas, 2009

Sexton Executive Security held the last E.P. training class of 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada last week. We welcome new professionals from Las Vegas, Oregon, South Carolina, Los Angeles and Illinois into the fold.

It is such a rewarding feeling to start out with a group of people who do not know each other, with varying levels of experience and watch how they come together over the training course. By the time graduation comes long, they look like they have been working together as a team for months.

The team were protecting some “Principals” headed into the Bellagio on Friday night after witnessing the fountain display outside. As they walked in through the revolving doors, Chris “Jesus” Fergusson, the famous Poker Star walked past them, about three feet away.

Not one of those protectors took their eye off the Principals during this training exercise, eventhough a famous personality walked right by them. That is a great sign and shows that they are true professionals and have a bright future ahead of them.

Later in the weekend, on Sunday afternoon I was playing a few hands of Texas Hold’em in the Hard Rock with a colleague. Matthew Bellamy, lead singer and guitarist with “The Muse” was playing at the table with us. When he got up to go cach his flight for Los Angeles, most of the other people at the table got up to have their picture taken with him.

Myself and my colleague continued about our business. If you are going to work as an E.P. agent, you have to learn not to be distracted by personalities and remember that you have a job to do and that your Prinicpal always comes first.

Most of us know of agents who have been fired for thinking they were on holidays because they were accompanying a client on a trip or who got carried away in the moment. Stay strong and stay focused.

Don’t be distracted even if “Jesus” does walk past.

Are we Guaranteed a Job?

We are currently receiving many requests regarding our 7 day Executive Protection training program in Las Vegas from 12/6 – 12/12/09.

One of those people e-mailed me today and asked; “After we finish our training at SEXTON, are we guaranteed a job?” I told him that it was a good topic for a blog, so I hope he’s reading.

My first response is always; “there are no guarantees in life”. Those training schools who are promising jobs upon graduation are probably the very ones who will never send you on a single assignment.

At SEXTON we hire approx. 50% of all of our graduates over the course of time. Not everyone will be hired the first week. We would have a far higher rate of hiring course attendees if the GRADUATES themselves returned phone calls in a timely manner and made themselves more available.

Here is a secret that we tell those who enroll in our courses; YOU are the one responsible for your future and YOU are the one who can ultimately make or break you. In every single class, we have graduates who do not bother sending in their paperwork to become registered and to be able to work legally.

To make matters worse, we are one of the few schools who bring all of the necessary paperwork to the course, show them how to complete it, assist them to properly complete it – making sure they do not make mistakes, fingerprint them and take a digital photograph (that will be required by the Department of Criminal Justice Services to receive the PPS registration).

Bottom line, if you go through our E.P. training program and you are serious about working as an E.P. agent, I guarantee that you will get work.

Of course there is a big difference between “thinking” you want to do this job and actaully doing it.