Are Mexican Drug Cartels Operating in Atlanta?

It was disturbing to hear Rusty Payne, a DEA spokesperson talking recently about the likelihood of Mexican Drug cartels in Atlanta, Georgia.

Mr. Payne stated that Atlanta is the perfect hub for this type of organized crime as it gives easy access to the whole East Coast and a straight shot up 95 to New York City. If anybody should know about drugs, it must be the Drug Enforcement Agency.

More and more people are beginning to realize the danger coming from our Southern Border. Yesterday, the State Department issued warnings regarding travel to Mexico especially for holiday makers.

I am sure there are thousands of worried parents all across the country right now as they wait for their children to arrive home safe from Spring break. Mexico is a very popular destination for these college students.

Maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea to talk to your children about the dangers lurking beneath the surface in Mexico and suggest safer destinations right here in the U.S.

The Mexican Government will not want to hear that, but the economy here will be grateful for all the help it can get.

Texas Prepares as Mexico Spirals out of Control

Yet more news today about organized crime threatening the peace and safety of Southern Texas.

Representative Michael McCaul from Texas was interviewed by FOX news this morning and spoke about contingency planning as chaos continues further South.

The death toll from organized crime activity in Mexico last year reached nearly 6,000. It is said that 2,000 have died so far and the year is not yet ten weeks old. Rep. McCaul appeared to be in favor of National Guard Troops being called in to bolster Law Enforcement.

At the current rate, it will not be too long before Mexico more closely resembles Iraq than a cheap get-away for holiday makers.

Will Mexican Crime Terrorize Citizens on the U.S. Border?

Kidnapping and Ransom Insurance
The U.S. public used to be in danger of a kidnapping/ransom scenario when overseas. It’s getting so violent on our southern U.S. border that now kidnapping and ransom insurance is being offered.

I recently began to take a closer look at kidnappings in the U.S. along the border with Mexico when approached by a client who was looking to be protected by SEXTON E.P. agents.

The nerve and daring of these Mexican drug gangs is very disturbing. Probably even more disturbing is the fact that Law and Order South of our border could be more appropriately termed; “Lawlessness and Disorder”. It would appear that if criminals can not pay off Law Enforcement personnel, they just kill them.

We are very fortunate to have such professional Law Enforcement officers on our side of the border. Still, they can not be everywhere all of the time. It is very disturbing to learn of the many cases of U.S. citizens being grabbed in areas like Southern Texas and Southern California and taken across the border.

If you are wondering why they are being allowed through the border, the answer is painfully simple. Border officials are concentrating on traffic headed North to the U.S. and not vice versa.

Visitors to these areas who may not have considered themselves to be in any danger are encouraged to be very aware of their surroundngs. Businesses operating along the border, or who have reason to travel to Mexico, are advised to exercise extreme caution where their employees/managers/executives are concerned.

Threat Assessments and Risk Management policies should be conducted and re-visited on a regular basis.

Kidnap Expert Becomes Kidnap Victim

In last Thursday’s New York Times, Marc Lacey wrote about an interesting incident which took place in Mexico recently.

Back on Dec. 10, an American, Mr. Felix Batista was abducted outside of El Meson restaurant in Saltilo, Mexico. What makes this particular kidnapping remarkable is the fact that the victim was himself, a security consultant specializing in resolving kidnappings.

There have been many kidnappings at popular restaurants in recent times. If a person frequents a restaurant regularly, it is only a matter of waiting until they return. Even the waiting/surveillance can be easily outsourced for a few dollars.

It is ironic that prior to being kidnapped, Mr. Batista had addressed a gathering of prominent entrepreneurs on steps to take to avoid being kidnapped. One wonders if this was a case of; “do as I say, not as I do”, or were other factors involved?

Mr. Batista was the third anti-kidnapping expert to have been abducted in Coahuila State. During his security seminar down there he informed the attendees that kidnappers generally avoided foreigners. Perhaps he became careless thinking he himself was safe as a foreigner.

Be careful about dropping your guard, especially in high-threat areas like Mexico. Do not become overly confident or complacent. Never think that it “couldn’t happen to me”, because you may just be the next victim.

U.S. Consulate in Northern Mexico attacked with guns and grenade

The motive for last week’s attack on the U.S. consulate in Mexico is being investigated but there is still no clear cut reason for the unprovoked attack.

The attack had more in common with what we have come to expect in Iraq than from just below the Southern States of the U.S. News of the attack is making me think more about the article I read in one of the Gulf papers here in the Middle East a couple of days ago.

The article read; “Mexican workers leave the U.S. disllusioned with the American Dream”. The story, like so many others these days, focused on the worsening U.S. economy. That made me think; could a returning mexican worker have launched the attack on the embassy due to his frustration at not being able to do as well as he had expected North of the border?

I hope for Mexcio’s sake this is not the case. Mexico’s dangerous crime rate is already a concern for many people deciding where to go to spend their holiday dollars.

In this current economic climate, visitors need to be encouraged and given a reason to spend their hard earned money in your country, not made to feel like targets.