Standing up to the Somali Pirates

The linked report from PlanetData shows another example of a ship’s crew who were not willing to stand idly by after they came under attack by Somali Pirates last week.

It’s somewhat ironic that the ship was from North Korea. Media reports would have us believe that most North Koreans are literally starving to death. Perhaps these guys were more energized due to their operating outside of the borders of the restrictive regime.

Also ironic is the fact that reinforcements came in the guise of a U.S. Battleship, at least according to the Captain.

Many such ships are loath to use armed security agents or have any firearms aboard as this would inhibit their entry into ports of call. Carrying a few jars and rags and a box of matches seems to solve the weapon problem though.

Cocktail anyone?

Best to be careful when crossing into a madman’s territory

The good news is that the two American journalists have been freed by North Korea as reported in this Yahoo News Story. The bad news is that three others are being held by Iranian authorities for crossing illegally into Iran.

First of all, one could easily wonder why would anyone wish to go hiking through Iraq.

Not that Iraq is not rich in historical significance and culture, but maybe hikers should stop for a minute and evaluate if going “walk about” through a war zone might be detrimental to their well being.

It is one thing to take charge of your own security by being aware of your surroundings, but quite another to have to duck and dive to avoid rocket propelled grenades.

As if hiking through a war zone wasn’t bad enough, these three unfortunate people then had to wander into Iran. Are they trying to keep former President Bill Clinton busy and in the spotlight?

Let us hope that it has as successful an outcome as this week’s negotiations in North Korea. For all future cross-border wanderers; “know where you are going folks”.

Exercise caution and restraint and don’t always depend on the calvary to get you out.
A jumpy border guard’s trigger finger may beat them to it.

If you are headed to Pakistan – watch your back

So much goes on in the murky world of Polictics that we often do not know what is afoot until long after the fact. Take a look at today’s bombshell for instance.

Everyone seemed to be shocked to hear that North Korea came clean about their nuclear weapons capability and were rewarded by the lifting of some sanctions. This is a total “180″ from their behavior not that long ago when they were flexing their nutrition-deprived muscles and thumbing their noses at the rest of the world.

This in turn is making me wonder about the threats from Afghanistan’s President Karzai to Pakistan. President Karzai has been very vocal regarding Pakistan’s involvement in his country’s border area and his warnings suggesting Afghanistan’s intent to attack their neighbor seems to be starting to agitate the Paskistani authorities. Which makes me wonder….is Karzai’s theatrics a way to open the door for his U.S. protectors to launch an attack on the Pakistani border?

If this is the case, than Americans travelling to Pakistan should really consider if they need to be there and if they do, they should give serious consideration to their safety while there. We were recently contacted by a U.S. company who had business in Pakistan and rightfully so, they were worried for their safety. There are no doubt, many sympathizers in Pakistan, especially near the Afghan border who have little love for America or it’s citizens. Further strikes (no matter how justifeid they may be), will only heighten this dislike/distrust.

If you are headed to that region, be well aware of what might lay ahead and plan accordingly.