TASER and CCW permit training in Florida

SEXTON will hold their highly acclaimed Executive Protection training program in Orlando from 11/7 – 11/13/10.We realize that people will have conflicts with schedules, so we have made special arrangements for anyone wishing to take the TASER and/or Utah Concealed Weapon Permit course.

The TASER familiarization course will give students a thorough understanding of the TASER system and will afford them a hands-on training experience. The Instructor is a Law Enforcement specialist who has been officially certified by the TASER Corporation and has taught both Police personnel and civilians in that capacity.

John Sexton, CEO and Director of Training at the Sexton Executive Security Training Institute, recently remarked in a Press Release that TASER was more rapidly gaining a foot hold in the private sector and more jurisdictions were allowing private security personnel to carry it as a less lethal weapon.

“TASER has excellent applications for Executive Protection”, Sexton advised. “If an E.P. Agent finds him or herself in a situation where they must activate the unit, they only have to throw it down and evacuate the area. TASER guarantees to replace it with a new unit in such circumstances”.

The Utah CCW is the official UT course of instruction as mandated by the Bureau of Criminal Identification. Utah does not require permit holders to be a resident. This permit is highly sought after as it allows holders to carry concealed in more than 30 States. Everyone will receive all of the necessary paperwork to process their CCW permit after completion of the training on Sunday morning, 11/14/10

The price to attend the half day TASER training is $75.00. Attendees will receive a certificate of completion. The cost to attend the half day Utah CCW training is $150.00. Upon completion, all attendees will be given all that is required to receive their CCW permit. Please allow up to 45 days for Utah to process the application.

To request a registration form, please e-mail; training@sextonsecurity.com.

Maryland Attorney General releases Task Force report on Electronic Control Weapons.

WTOP radio yesterday reported that the Maryland Attorney General’s office had just released the Task Force report regarding the use of Electronic Control Weapons (ECWs).

ECWs are more commmonly referred to as; TASERs.
They have become very popular with Police Departments as a less lethal weapon. They have also been adapted in other parts of the world.

As a matter of fact, over 14,000 Law Enforcement Agencies in more than 40 countries have invested in TASERs…406,000 of them and counting. Many people might be surprised to find out that they have also become very popular amongst civilians. More than 196,000 have been sold to non-Law Enforcement personnel.

Sexton Executive Security is one of the few security companies in the World to not only have TASERs, but to also be equipped to offer training. Our Training Academy boasts of a former Law Enforcement Trainer who is also certified by the manufacturer themselves.

Our latest acquisition is a high-tech weapons simulation system with over 300 reality based scenarios, containing hands-on TASER training. The training provides for reality based scenarios and induces the same stress conditions and real life situations that can occur on the job and in defending one’s self.

The AG’s Task Force report is extremely comprehensive and contains more than 60 specific recommendations. These recommendations include extensive training requirements for Police and civilians alike.

Surprisingly, there are little to no current training requirements for civilians who wish to purchase, carry and use TASERS as a self defense tool. This despite the fact that the civilan model, the C2, has a 30 second electric shock cycle which is 6 times longer than the Police cycle of 5 seconds!

Anyone considering purchasing a C2 Taser, would do well to read the Task Force report. The full report can be viewed at; www.oag.state.md.us/reports/ecwreport.pdf.

For training questions, feel free to contact the SEXTON training unit by e-mailing; training@sextonsecurity.com.