Executive Protection Training in Jamaica

“The Gleaner” is a Jamaican newspaper that has been around since the 1800′s. Journalist Carl Gilchrist caught up with the Sexton Executive Security instructors in Jamaica during our recent training there.

Word reached Jamaica after the trainers visited and conducted earlier training in Cozumel and The Cayman Islands. Mr. Gilchrist was very interetsed in the International Training Program offered by SEXTON.

He interviewed John Sexton, the Training Director about the responsibilities of an Executive Protection officer working in an International setting and also about the International Training Program.

Later, Mr. Gilchrist learned first hand what it was like to have executive Protection when he was treated with his own protective team by students from the program as they accompanied the journalist along the streets of Ochos Rios.

New International Executive Protection Agents

The graduates and instructors of SEXTON’s International E.P. Training Program arrived back in Miami yesterday from 7 days of International Training.

The successful graduates performed admirably during reality-based scenarios in; Cozumel, The Cayman Islands and Jamaica.

The International Training Program (I.T.P.) was designed to give E.P. agents international knowledge and real-life experience to better prepare them to handle international assignments.

The training team was interviewed by Carl Gilchrist from “The Gleaner” newspaper in Jamaica. Mr. Gilchrist was extremely interested in the unique training experience that SEXTON brought to Jamaica.

After conducting the exclusive interview, Mr. Gilchrist was treated to a hands-on demonstration of the agents “at work”.

The students successfully protected Principals from possible assaults in Cozumel from terminated employees, from street crime/violence in Jamaica and surveillance/ street attack in Grand Cayman.

“I would be proud to have these graduates protecting our current and future clients”, stated John Sexton, Director of Training for Sexton Executive Security.