Be careful how you satisfy that sweet tooth

This article in today’s Huffington Post by Dr. Susan Dopart gives food for thought.

The first thing that struck me about the article was that I had heard it said before. As I kept reading though, it made sense in a way that casual statements about fake sweeteners had not done in the past.

There is no escaping from the fact that here in the U.S., we live in an overweight society. It had not occurred to me before, but it is not uncommon to see overweight people in restaurants drinking “diet” drinks. If artificial sweeteners were that good, why are the people who drink them getting fat?

As E.P. Agents, we find ourselves working long shifts, uncommon hours. Sometimes it is difficult to get “proper” food and we may have to depend on what we can grab in a fast food drive-through or drink at a 7-11.

Personally speaking, I have found myself relying more on artifical sweeteners these last few years – thinking that I was doing myself a favor. This article has made me rethink those decisions.

Article by Dr. Qanta Ahmed highlights the attrocities that radicals inflict on their own communities

The Huffington Post carries an article written by Dr. Qanta Ahmed about an internet beheading in Pakistan that she witnessed online.

We are “used” to hearing about well known figures like journalist Daniel Pearl’s beheading, but there is not much coverage of average people being beheaded by their own communities. Dr. Ahmed sheds light on this brutal practice and shows how young children are being taught how to commit murderous acts by vile and dangerous adults.

She comments on the obscene irony of people’s outrage of disrespectful cartoons, yet these same offended protestors are content to sit quietly by as fellow countrymen (and women)are led out to public areas where their death by mutilation is witnessed by large groups of spectators.

Read the attached article and ponder on the fact that it is not only “foreigners” who are targets of these hate mongers. There appears to be no depth to which they will not sink – from poisoning little school girls, to hacking off young men’s heads and worse still, using young boys to carry out their dirty work.

Disgraced Illinois Governor to appear on Donald Trump’s "Celebrity Apprentice"

Rod Blagojevich, the former Illinois Governor who was removed from office last January, is to appear on Donald Trump’s show; “Celebrity Apprentice”.

Not one to shun the spotlight, Blagojevich attempted to appear on another celebrity show last year but was barred from doing so when a Federal Ruling went against him as it would have involved his traveling overseas to Costa Rica.

Celebrity Apprentice is based on how much money teams and individuals are able to raise for charity. In the past, it involved well known boxers, singers, actors, models and sports people who would leverage their wealthy contacts in oder to bring in the most money.

It will be interesting this time around to see just how “Blago” will go about bringing in the “moolah”. Some people are betting that he will start calling in favors. Hopefully the show will allow the viewers to listen in on this part as they have in the past.

Maybe viewers will be treated to hearing the former Governor on the horn to “associates” with names like “Tony two fingers” or “Joey the Greek”….”yo Tony….remember that permit I fixed for ya? well I need a little favor…yeah, the usual…small bills in a brown bag”.

Not everyone is happy with the idea of the former Governor appearing on television though. Illinois Senator, Dave Syverson sent a letter to Donald Trump saying; “Illinois lawmakers already told Mr. Blagojevich; “You’re Fired”, he doesn’t need to hear it from Mr. Trump”.

Whatever the feelings of the voters in Chicago, Donald Trump had better get this series in the can, or can the ex-Governor quickly. Blagojevich’s trial is set for 6/3/2010. It would make for very interesting television if the Feds were to march on set and slap a pair of Government “bracelets” on the disgraced Governor.

Donald Trump is a very shrewd businessman and the thought has most likely crossed his mind. Maybe that’s what he’s hoping for? The show’s ratings would most assuredly shoot through the roof.

If anyone can pull it off, no doubt “The Donald” can.

Washington Wizzards players pull guns on each other over gambling debt

As I listened to the report on WTOP radio this morning, I couldn’t understand how such stupidity is allowed to continue in professional Sports. “Continue”, since this problem keeps rearing up its ugly head.

To clarify, for those who are reading the blog outside of the United States, I have to add; professional sports in the U.S.A. What is the fixation that NBA and NFL sports stars have with guns? Gentlemen, this is not the Wild West and we are not in the early 1800′s.

The Huffington Post reports that Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton of the Washington Wizzards drew guns on each other over a gambling debt owed by Arenas. Whilst Arenas appears to be the one making the headlines, Crittenton seems to be no less accountable as he must have had a gun on his person or within easy reach of his locker to be able to respond in kind.

In the same report, Arenas seems to be treating the whole thing as a bit of a joke. Maybe Plaxico Burress did too, but that was before he was locked away in a jail cell for two years. Washington D.C. is anything but a gun-friendly type of town. Possession of a firearm is a felony charge and each bullet carries a separate felony charge.

He (and the NBA) make it sound like it is all just a “misunderstanding”, since he claims to have taken the guns to work in order to turn them over to the Police. Oh, by the way, they weren’t loaded. I wonder if the gun he got into trouble with in California back in 2003 wasn’t loaded either?

Mark Heisler who writes for the Chicago Tribune Sports sums it up well when he says that these young stars who reach dizzying heights just don’t have the common sense it takes to remain grounded.

Its a shame that their associations aren’t willing to do more for them. There are so many alternatives to carrying an illegal firearm in order to protect yourself, especially when you are earning $111 million dollars.

Then again, maybe a few years of mandatory jail time will help them wake up and smell the coffee….jailhouse coffee….they may even be brewing it themselves.

Tiger’s popularity drops

The New Year is a fitting time to reflect and think what could have been done differently. What better case study to use, then golfing great and ex-nice guy, Tiger Woods.

We have to say; “ex-nice guy” since recent events show Mr. Woods in a different light than was heretofore imagined. Tiger Woods appeared to epitomize all that was good and great about golf. If there was ever a sports super star who personified calm, grace and dignity, surely it had to be Tiger Woods.

According to The Huffington Post, four years ago Woods’ “unfavorable” rating was only 8%. After his admitted infidelity, it surged to 57%. This is the reason that many of his sponsors like; Accenture, ATT, Gillette (his sponsorship deals amounted to $105 million last year)have dropped him or are reconsidering their association with the once great Mr. Woods.

Initially, many were saying that this was merely a “storm in a teacup’ and wagered that his future earnings from endorsements would not be at risk. Soon after though, the fall-out began with Gatorade cancelling their Tiger drink and even the neutral Swiss stopping to re-think his endorsement by Tag Heuer.

Perhaps the saddest loss outside of losing his family, must be the cancellation of his nomination for the Congressional Gold Medal - the highest award a civilian can achieve from the house of congress.

This is the reason why we emphasize growing and protecting your REPUTATION at every training course put on by SEXTON. It doesn’t matter if you are the world’s greatest golfer, footballer or E.P. agent, at the end of the day, if you don’t have a great reputation, what good is it?

Former Crack Cocaine Smoking Mayor Arrested Again in D.C.

Former Mayor of Washington D.C., Marion Barry has once again been arrested – this time for stalking a woman.

It would appear that the former Mayor is intent on proving the old adage right – leopards don’t change their spots.

From smoking crack cocaine to frequenting prostitutes, from not paying his taxes to stalking women…there does not appear to be any depth of deparavity to which Mr. Barry is not willing to sink.

Yet the citizens of D.C. keep re-electing him into office. Can anyone give a half-intelligent reason why this public and political misfit keeps getting re-elected to public office?

It can’t even be said that it is time for D.C. residents to refuse to be the laughing stock of the country…that time has long since passed. You got what you voted for D.C.

How to Survive a Plane Crash

Understandably, everyone is talking about the amazing Hudson River landing by United Airlines Pilot, Capt. Sullenberger. “The Huffington Post” describes steps to take to increase your odds of surviving a plane crash.

Some of these points I had heard before, such as sitting as close to an exit as possible. Those who are within 5 rows of an exit have the best chance of survival.

One very interesting statistic that I had not heard before, is that according to the U.S. Government, 95.7% of all people involved in an airline accident make it out alive. Those are great odds. Obviously, having Capt. Sullenberger as your Pilot increases your chances of survival that much more.

Another piece of information I found interesting is the fact that experts believe as many as 30% of airline accident deaths could be prevented if passengers knew what to do when a crash was imminent.

A good point to remember is that the first 3 minutes and the last 8 minutes of every flight are the most important. We have alwys heard that the most dangerous times during a flight are at take-off and landing.

Next time you are thinking of kicking off your shoes and putting on your ear phones to listen to your favorite music as the plane is preparing to take-off – STOP. Being fully aware of your surroundings and ready to respond to any emergency could very well save your life.