Thieves Target Homeowners and Builders

We have written about thefts of copper wire and even street manhole covers in the past. It appears that new homes and those being foreclosed upon are ripe targets for unscrupulous thieves.

Thankfully, there are many more solutions than in days past. Global Positioning Systems can now be hidden in materials and the thieves can be tracked in real time and the Police notified by the security consultant who has been hired to monitor their movements.

The highlighted link from “The New York Times”, tells the sad story of a young couple and their 7 month old child who had to live onsite at their new house for many months in order to deter thieves.

We have spoken with home builders in the past regarding supplying security officers to monitor unfinished homes. One of the hurdles has been the cost of security. The escalating cost of these thefts may now make Home Builders think twice though.

The National Association of Home Builders claims that $5 BILLION a year is being stolen nationally by theives from homes under construction. That would purchase a lot of security services. Not to mention the cost of labor to replace that missing copper wire, plumbing fittings, doors & windows, etc.

Like we always say, thieves are opportunists. If you give them an opportunity such as leaving valuable building supplies unprotected, they will take them. On the other hand, if you put an obstacle in their path such as a site that is monitored by security cameras (with somebody on the other end of the camera – you’d be surprised how many businesses put in cameras but have nobody to monitor them)or a roving security vehicle, they will move along and ply their trade elsewhere.

That is called “target hardening”. Quite literally, you make yourself (or your property) a harder, more difficult target. They then move along to some other target. Bad for someone else, but good for you.

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