This is not a bodyguard – this is a walking lawsuit.

If you are like me and you view the latest “bodyguard gone wild” video, you can’t help but wonder, how many millions of dollars will this uncontrollable violent outburst cost Nicole Kidman.

As someone who not only hires personal protection agents, but who also trains them, I can tell you that Ms. Kidman would be far better off looking after herself than being “protected” by this unprofessional hothead. Not only did her security person make a grave mistake by assaulting and battering the photographer in question, but he left her totally unprotected when he jumped out of the vehicle in a rage.

What would he have done if this were a trap? If someone wished to harm Ms. Kidman, or kidnap her, they could have staged this. The ‘photographer’ could have merely been bait used to lure her security and trick him into leaving his vehicle. Being unproteced, another bad guy could have easily harmed her at that stage.

I do not know where celebrities hire amateurs like this. I could refer them to dozens of professional security firms who highly value their professional reputations and who would never dream of hiring an incompetent like this. I would like to think that poor judgement is confined to Hollywood celebrities, but I know that is not the case.

Sometime people hire a “friend of a friend” who used to be in the army, or who used to be a night club bouncer. Those hires are always a mistake. The have LIABILITY written all over them. Whenever you hire someone to work for you, stop and think what might happen if they are not who or what they claim to be.

What happens if they use drugs and have an accident while driving your company vehicle? What happens if they have a temper problem like Ms. Kidman’s employee? I think you already know the answer and it isn’t pretty.

Do yourself a big favor and always do your due diligence. Or you could always hire an expensive law firm. Lawyers have to eat too, I suppose.

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